Tips and Techniques: Indoor Natural Light

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Tips and Techniques: Indoor Natural Light

Do you want to learn how to improve your images shot in indoor natural light? Tips & Techniques: Indoor Natural Light is a series of short tutorial videos that also includes an editing tutorial to help you shoot, edit and create more beautiful images in indoor natural light AND the action set Meg uses in her editing tutorial!

Included with this package are:

  • Feathering Light Using a Window
  • Creating Dreamy Flooded Light onto Subjects
  • Creating Backlight
  • Soft Northern Light
  • Opening Doors for Fall Off Light
  • Using Candles as Light Sources
  • Fast Lenses Inside
  • Dark vs Light Floors
  • Turning Off Ambient Lighting
  • Using a Reflector to Prevent Split
  • Creating Shadows with Negative Fill
  • Indoor White Balance
  • Placing Your Subjects Near Windows
  • Subjects in Doorways
  • Best Time to Shoot Indoors
  • Finding Catchlights

2 Reviews for Tips and Techniques: Indoor Natural Light

“Fantastic!!! One of my favourite tips and techniques! The action set included is spectacular!!”

— DES N.

“Excellent. I had so many light bulb moments watching this. Well worth the money.”