It's Creative Editing Week!

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Audra Miracle

This is the go-to for anyone struggling with exposure. Your knowledge and conceptual way of teaching gave me the “a ha” moment...I finally understand it!

Lavinia Bindiu

This is just amazing!!! I learned a lot from your videos and getting to know your journey is just super exciting!!!!!

Martha Isabel Cianchetta

I love this workshop!! It is a game changer!! Thanks Meg!!

Carmen Exler

Amazing workshop, so many helpful tips and again goes to show, less is more. I learned so much. Thank you!

Bonnie Smith

I have totally enjoyed this class. Thank you for offering it, Meg. It has made be try to be more creative with my work and learn where my weak points in editing are.

Dee Postula

One of my favorite projects and she walks you through it brilliantly! Final results have been stunning so far!
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