The Sunshine Bundle

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The Sunshine Bundle


The feel of the warm sunshine on your face, the beauty of it setting, and the fire in the sky. This week is all about beautiful sunshine.

Join us as we let the sunshine in.


Included in this bundle are actions, shoot throughs, overlays, backgrounds, edits and MORE!!

The download purchase receives a personal use license. This means that the content is only for your own, individual educational use. Sharing or otherwise providing content from within the download is not considered personal use. All intellectual property within the download is owned by Meg Bitton Productions.

Included with purchase are the following backgrounds, shoot throughs, textures and overlays:

1 Reviews for The Sunshine Bundle

“I was excited to buy this bundle as I wanted to learn this technique. While there are some overlays, backgrounds and shoot throughs, unfortunately the edits are both "Silent." If you're like me and not at a high level of proficiency in PS, it's like driving a car blindfolded! For this reason, I don't buy silent edits. Unfortunately, this was not disclosed in the description. I really wanted to learn this process, but when I don't know what you all are doing and why, these edits are NOT helpful. ***Please post a disclosure when the included edits are silent!”