Simple Studio Newborn

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Join us as Nikki and I prepare, light, shoot, and edit a full newborn session from start to finish.

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Simple Studio Newborn

Simple Studio Newborn is the next workshop in our very popular Simple Studio series. Join us as we prepare, shoot, and edit a full newborn session from beginning to end.

This workshop starts with a lighting discussion with Meg.

Next, Niki will be posing and shooting while focussing on baby safety, while speaking through her process. In accordance with our simple one light set up, you will get to watch her work through a set of poses with the baby to capture an entire gallery of images in approximately two hours instead of struggling for hours with a newborn baby. She will show you how she uses her wrapping techniques and prop selections in her consistent workflow of poses.

In these videos, Niki shows step-by-step how she flows between each of these nine newborn poses:

  1. Basic Wrap
  2. Huck Finn
  3. Bottoms Up
  4. Side Pose
  5. Head on Hands
  6. Fluff Prop
  7. Potato Sack
  8. Box Prop
  9. Basket Prop

And to show the real-world challenges of newborn posing, there are two sessions. One with a sleepy baby to show the ideal circumstances, and one with a not-so-sleepy baby.

Finally, Meg edits two images in Photoshop with her unique style. Watch her add her special touch to the images, and teach you how to apply her techniques to add magic to your own images as well.

48 Reviews for Simple Studio Newborn

“This was a great course. I've always struggled with wrapping and the potato sack was a pose I thought I'd never be able to accomplish. After watching this highly detailed course I was finally able to gain the knowledge to perform it. I cant tell you how happy it made me. I really recommend this one. I'm so happy I purchased it and will be aiming to purchase all the other newborn lessons. Thank you for your flawless guidance.”


“super, highly recommended”


“Was very thorough and gave me confidence in shooting newborns.”


“I have done a 121 newborn course with a great teacher in the UK which helped me build up confidence of handling the baby in particular, but because it’s taking me a few months to build up my portfolio I got these videos to help refresh my knowledge, however it did so much more! So many poses are covered and I picked up so many great tips! I watched it just before doing my last session and it was a life saver and ensured I got great results!”


“Thank you Niki for sharing your workflow I love this video! Meg's edits afterwards were awesome as well and I have learned so much and can't wait to start editing my last shoot!”


“I loved this! I learned so much on posing and workflow! Can’t wait to use what I’ve learned!!”


“This was amazing. I am not a newborn photographer but this helped so much with work flow and posing! Thank you!”


“Hands down amazing!! ?????? I stumbled across Meg Bitton Live through a sponsored fb ad and I’m so glad I did. I started photographing newborns 8 months ago and have been learning daily but the Simple Stuiod Newborn video took me to another level. The transition was flawless, whereas I used to have babies unsettle once unwrapping or rolling them over. I will probably watch these videos before every session to make sure I have every point in place. Thank you for making these available!”


“Such a game changer! If I could give this 10 stars I would!! I've struggled with so many of the poses that seem so basic (bum up, etc) and having Nikki go through and explain how to get these poses right, trouble shooting what might be going wrong (needing extra head support here, putting something for leg support there, etc) was so helpful to getting these right! I finally am able to do more than basic baby in a box, wreath, on their back etc and I am so grateful!”


“The BEST! So many great tips and tricks. Full of very helpful posing information! Excellent work flow to mimic to create beautiful & full galleries.”


“For someone who has always been hit or miss with a great newborn session, I have tried endlessly to find a good workflow that provided my clients with the images they dreamed of. I watched this, some parts several times over and over, and could not wait to apply the simple tricks and techniques Niki taught in her video. I just had one of the best newborn sessions ever, not just because baby was sleepy and content, but because I went in with greater confidence that SIMPLE is MORE. I can't recommend this enough!”


“Such a nice video to learn a simple yet game changing workflow! I am excited to use what I learned!”


“thank You for sharing your workflow Nikki :) calming and inspiring ! so well organized and still creative open minded :)”


“Game changer!!!! I've spent money on online workshops for years now trying to simplify my newborn workflow--heck trying to just have a newborn workflow! This video did it! Nikki is gentle, encouraging, clear, explicit, focused and has inspired me to find all of that within myself as long. It's broken down into manageable and clear segments. I've now watched it before every newborn that has come in to refine my skills--I learn something new with every viewing. This is a must have!”


“I would recommend this to anyone that loves babies!! Well done video and easy walk through instructions. It is too the point and easily followed!”


“I really enjoyed this and highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get into newborn photography. Niki's helpful tips and workflow process is something I found very useful as well as the tips on composition. Thank you guys I look forward to re-watching it :-)”


“I loved the consistent workflow through the poses and using different wraps and props! I also enjoy the simple and beautiful way of editing that Meg has demonstrated. I am totally new to photoshop and I love it. The only thing that I felt it was missing for me, as a beginner in photoshop, is how you save and export the photo at the end of the editing. I will be grateful if this could be added to the videos. Thank you very much!”


“Great tutorial for those who are either new to newborn photography, or for those, like myself, who are trying to find a nice workflow to make sessions run smoother. I would have given it 5 stars rather than 4, but the video sometimes doesn't play or it plays in a fast forward motion so she sounds like a chipmunk. Sorry, I'm not sure why that's happening but it's the first time I've had this happen when watching online workshops.”


“Super recommended .. she is just fantastic ... i am learning from the best million thanks for sharing your knowledge”


“Highly recommended!!! Niki is just amaizing with newborns!She explains everything through the whole love love it!!!!”


“Love the Simple Studio Newborn tutorial. It is very informative and love the workflow! I can't wait to get my hands on the email prep instructions!!”


“After a little troubleshooting, I was able to get the videos to play. Simple Studio Newborn was very informative and easy to follow. Appreciated all of the information at the beginning and it was nice to see the workflow and editing. Thank you for offering this.”

— LIZ L.

“I absolutely love this little workshop! I'm anxious to try out what I've learned, as I've mainly been struggling with WorkFlow and Transitioning Baby! This is so informative I love that I can go back and watch something if I need to as a refresher! Thank you for an amazing purchase! ♡ Worth every penny! Can't wait to try out what I've learned this week! ♡♡♡”


“This was such a helpful workshop/tutorial. It allows you to see how Niki works and her workflow which opens up so many different ideas for your own work. Niki shows you how to pose the babies, what props to use, how to wrap the babies, the lighting set up and how to keep the baby comfortable throughout the whole shoot. I am just starting out in newborn photography and found this to be one of the most helpful tutorials I have watched, its also given me a lot of confidence for when I'm shooting as I now know there is no right way of doing something and even with lots of experience, you can still run into problems. I love the style of working and how minimal it is but how much detail there is in Meg and Nikis final pictures. I would definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to learn different techniques or just to see how other photographers work. The editing process that Meg filmed was also super helpful and was so easy to follow. There was minimal editing but created such beautiful outcomes.”


“Best workshop ever ! Very helpful for beginners intrested in taking newborn pictures!”


“So glad I got this. Great tutorial, thank you!”


“AWESOME...Very well done tutorials”


“I just stumbled upon this sale while on Facebook and thought i'd check it out. All the good reviews and the great price convinced me to give it a try and I definitely learned alot. My newborn photo sessions almost always seem to take longer than I plan for because of baby not being prepped and the order I take the photos. I have a session in a few days I am going to try this workflow on! Hopefully is will go smoothly and will be more time efficient! If you are on the fence about purchasing this I would say take a leap of faith and just do it! Im glad I did, and I can log in to watch it any time I want, as many times as I want which is great if i need a refresher or want to just try one new thing at a time. Thanks so much!”


“This was quite simply the best purchase I've made to improve my newborn photography. Niki and Meg together covering beginning to the end from prep, to equipment, to posing, to editing was amazing and worth every penny. If you even only do newborn sessions a few times a year, this workshop is a must have! Thank you both!”


“Oh my gracious! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Niki and Meg! I have watched this basically non stop since I purchased it and LOVE every second of it. The details in it are SO helpful for getting it exactly right in camera. I have struggled with Bean Bag posing since I began photographing newborns 2 years ago, and finally feel confident because of the little changes Niki showed me! THANK YOU GIRLS! I have learned so much already.”


“I have been shooting newborns on a part time basis for a while now, starting when my 2nd grand child was born about two years ago. While I have seen improvement in my work with each photo shoot, I have struggled with posing and always felt like there were things I was missing. but wasn't sure how to fix. In this video, Niki demonstrates several different poses baby and also provides a workflow which is easy to follow, producing a large number of finished shots for your gallery. After watching Simple Studio Newborn, I have gained a new confidence and cannot wait to get my next newborn in the studio to try out the new techniques I have learned!!”

— PAM M.

“Niki is amazing and patiently and explains everything she does step by step. I was terrified of newborn photography before and now I know I can do this”


“So so happy I finally purchased this! It's exactly the motivation I was looking for! Highly recommend!”


“Fantastic workshop!! Absolutely worth the purchase!!”


“The is exactly what I needed. Thank your for creating such an awesome workshop that is accessible <3 (I'm curious which lens she is using for this?)”


“I just purchased this video, and have absolutely loved what I've seen so far. Even though I've been photographing newborns for quite a while now, it's still fun to see new tips & tricks, and I can't wait for the extended version with family/sibling ideas coming soon!”


“I just bought this and have only watched half but I am loving it!! shes sooo good with the baby. LOVE how she explains every detail. I'm so glad I decided to get this <3 thank you!”


“I loooved this online workshop, so complete, no questions, felt like is a great investment for myself. Looking foward to keep purchasing more tutorials”


“This is definitely a must have! I learned so much with this! I can not wait to apply this to my sessions this weekend!”


“I totally recommend this video workshop. To be honest this is everything you need to know when you're beginning with newborn photography. Just keep it simple and concentrate on posing and good lighting. You can get crazy with props and stuff later on!”


“Awesome workshop for sure. Exactly as the name says its super simple with minimal props. Nikki explains everything slowly step by step letting you know each and every shot and pose. Its best for beginners who want to take beautiful newborn pictures, going with the proper workflow and knowing which products to purchase for the start. Thank you so much, absolutely love it.”


“If you've been tossing around the idea of purchasing Simple Studio Newborn but don't know if it's worth it, let me just say, it is. There are NO fillers to this workshop. It is straight to the point which I absolutely love. I can't tell you how many tutorials and workshops I've watched over the years where I would spend hours upon hours (sometimes days) watching and in the end, I wouldn't feel like I got much out of it. I also love how the videos were shot. You can really see in detail what Niki is doing through her entire workflow. I really like how the videos also have a side by side of her shooting and of the real time shots she is taking which makes it super helpful to look at while she is explaining things. If you are even the slightest bit interested in shooting newborns, this is a must!”


“I highly recommend simple studio newborn to anyone working with babies. It has so much great information and tips! Niki went over angels, lighting, all her bean bag posing and more!! It was like being at a workshop but always being able to go back and rewatch! Thank you Niki and Meg you have really improved my photography”

— EVA N.

“This workshop has changed the way I photograph newborns and helped me create a consistent workflow that I can use for all my sessions. Prior to this workshop I was only using natural light and only photographing at certain times during the day - especially during the winter seasons. This workshop has allowed me to become comfortable using studio lights and speed up my newborn session. Meg and Niki have helped me improved so much and I could not be more thankful! I highly recommend purchasing this one!”


“Absolutely loved this! I was looking for a way to speed up my workflow and this was perfect to see in action. I'm so pleased that there were two types of temperament with the babies used(sleepy and not so sleepy!) as it's great to see someone like Niki tackle both sides. Both sessions were complete sessions too and not just little snippets. I can't wait to try this out next week with my newborns that are coming in, so excited! This was definitely 100% worth the purchase and I will revisit it from time to time to refresh my memory.”

— LOU C.

“I am blown away by this product. It truly is like being at an in person workshop, but with the bonus of playback. Meg and Niki and take you through an actual newborn session, explaining everything in great detail. I would love if they would add a PDF companion with equipment, settings, vendors, etc. That is the only way possible to make this even remotely better. So worth the purchase!!!”


“I have shot a couple of newborn sessions and felt a little lost. I've looked at you tube videos and studied poses but have really been wanting to see a session in action. This video was perfect. It showed the lighting and then worked through the flow from the beginning to the end. It goes through several poses. I learned SO much and highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in Newborn photography.”


“I highly recommend buying Simple Studio Newborn to any newborn photogs looking for help making your sessions shorter and anyone just starting out. Niki and Meg start off going over her basic lighting setup and explaining her workflow and why. Then it moves right into Niki doing her newborn session, start to finish in under 2 hours including posing bag poses and a few props. It's nice because it's Niki by herself, without an assistant, and all one baby, so it's the same circumstances most of us shoot with. Niki does a great job explaining what she's doing while she's doing it, so there's no wasted time with her stopping to explain (and those of us with kids- who has time to watch super long videos, right?!). At the end, Meg edits two of the photos. Niki sticks to the key of "more is less" just like Meg and everything is done with minimal outfits, wraps, props, etc.”