Simple Studio: Flash

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Simple Studio: Flash

From the same guest instructor as Off Camera Flash, Melody Hood now brings you Simple Studio: Flash! Watch as Melody walks you through everything from taking the flash out of the box to using a flash in both on camera and off camera situations. Melody will also work with a model to demonstrate different lighting techniques and adds in the use of tools for flash to really take your images to the next level!

1 Reviews for Simple Studio: Flash

“This is a really great tutorial to have! Not only is Melody an amazing Photographer, she is a very proficient instructor! She goes into great detail about how to use a flash on and off camera, explains the different types of modifiers and when to use each, discusses camera settings and then shows examples of each (along with do(s) and don’ts). And if that’s not enough, you also get a downloadable PDF with more information! This is a great addition to Megs’ Simple Studio Collection❤️”