Simple Studio: Off Camera Flash

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OMG! could it be OCF? Want to overpower the sun during the day and illuminate the night? Learn how to use your simple one light strobe set up outside.…

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Simple Studio: Off Camera Flash

Do you want to learn to shoot any time, any where and still get GREAT results? Join Meg and guest instructor Melody Hood and learn Off Camera Flash from beginning to end. You’ll learn how to overpower the sun, how to shoot in the fading light at twilight without worrying about the fading light, and how to shoot after dark and get AMAZING results in ALL of these scenarios. Break through the limitations that relying on only natural light place on your photographic adventures, and become a master of light. You can do it all, when you use Off Camera Flash. The time to take control of your lighting is now. Let Meg and Melody show you how to OWN your lighting situation when you use these simple techniques and Off Camera Flash!

20 Reviews for Simple Studio: Off Camera Flash

“Best information that’s been shared by far,Very detailed, It’can be the smallest information that’s not given and you’ll find yourself still seeking for classes. Thanks Meg for being on the other side of the camera knowing what questions to ask maybe because it’s something that you don’t do on a regular...I Love you Meg and the information that you’ve always given to the world. You Rock!!!”


“I just watched the 1st video of this series & was blown away. First , these models may be young, but they are true professionals already. the look on their faces is stunning. both of them. & then watching how Melody knows exactly how to change her ISO & fstop to be exactly what she needs, wow. amazing. I have never shot anything like this, it would be a dream for me to do so, My plan is to watch this over & over until I completely understand what she is doing here. Fantastic Video . Easily 5 Stars. Also, Thank you Meg for the way you have these videos created, by split screen, showing us the photographer doing the shooting & the other screen showing us what the shot looks like, No one else does this that I know of & this helps tremendously. A BIG THANK YOU !!!!!”


“Overpowering the Sun and the lightbulb in my head just clicked on the meaning of exposing. Wow. I can't wait to give this a try.”


“THIS. WAS. AWESOME!! Thank you so much for all of the tips and info. And I loved Meg pushing Jordan in the shopping cart! LOL”


“This workshop was amazing! So much information provided!”


“This is one of the best courses I've ever purchased! I have used OCF in my studio for a little over a year, but have never tried going outside. Now I can't wait to try it! The section for using OCF in harsh sun is a total game changer for me. Harsh sun is my biggest challenge and I truly feel this course is the answer. I also love the dramatic effects you can create in darker settings. I just loved every moment of this video. Melody is so great at explaining how and why she is doing what she is doing and I have learned so much!! Don't hesitate, just buy it! Meg and Melody make a fantastic team! Next, how about a course on using on camera flash/speedlites and bouncing or diffusing light? Pretty please!!”


“Amazing Workshop! Melody explains exactly how to get started with OCF in a way that is easy to understand. It covers many different lighting situations and how using OCF can assist. Melody also covers single subjects to multiple subjects and how to place the light to get the best results and reduce unwanted shadows. I prefer natural light but knowing how to use OCF is definitely handy to know, as I can prepare for any situation and know how to handle it to get the best result.”


“If you are on the fence..get off of it. This is AMAZING. I thought I knew quite a bit about OCF, I have learned a ton. I have to watch this more than once.”


“Melody makes OFC simple. This is one to watch and watch again because there is just so much information. Overpowering the sun, creating starbursts, one light - two lights. It's everything I was hoping for and more. This workshop is a must because if you don't already know it, it's a tool to have in your pocket for shooting at any time of day.”


“An absolutely AMAZING workshop!! There were so many different different pieces to the puzzle that were put together by watching this. Thank you!!”


“Very good video. The info is very useful!”


“Great video to watch and rewatch if you're trying to tone in on getting something to set your images apart or challenge your skills. I won't just guess where to start when I set up OCF now.”


“If you are on the fence about the OCF workshop...JUST GET IT! One, it’s awesome, I’m learning soooo much! But, two...the best part- Melody Hood is like the queen of follow up and extra guidance and help. Really friends, just awesome course and awesome instructor. I don’t think you could go wrong!!!”


“This was seriously the best OCF workshop I have ever watched! And trust me I have watched many! In depth, so many yes! moments, this is seriously a must have for anyone even curious about how to shoot during full sun, or during sunset!”


“Wow! So, so amazing! This has made me so much more at ease shooting in high sun.”


“Amazing!!!!! I feel like I have found the missing link! This video Is one of the most thorough videos so far. Meg & Melody address pretty much every question you could have about why, when, where, and what type of light to use indoors and out, with multiple people as well as individuals. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”


“Need this will help me out with something i already use but need to do better”


“I can't wait!!!!”


“No lights limites ! It's like open a new world where I can make new magic !!”


“So looking forward to this!!!”