NO Excuses: 50mm


Watch as I show you that you don’t NEED expensive lenses or gear to create magic.

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NO Excuses: 50mm

What makes that 50 so Nifty? Why is that the one lens that nearly everyone owns? How can YOU use YOUR Nifty Fifty to capture pure magic? Join me for a new workshop in the No Excuses Series, which has been one of the most well received workshop series that I have ever done.  Watch as I show you that you don’t NEED outrageously expensive equipment and exotic locales in order to create magic.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time to create something amazing. My simple and straightforward techniques will get you there. No need to overthink it. Just grab your camera and your Nifty Fifty and come along with me. You can create the images you desire when you further your understanding of multiple different elements in both equipment, environment and YOU. Come along with me and make NO EXCUSES!

27 Reviews for NO Excuses: 50mm

“I can't believe I waited so long to buy this workshop. So inspiring and a real game changer. Thank you Meg Bitton!”


“One of the only lenses I own is my Sigma Art 50mm and I got it not knowing anything about primes or how to effectively use it. This workshop is very helpful in showing the versatility and range of shots you can take with the nifty 50. I'm never disappointed by my purchases through MBL and this workshop is a MUST - especially if you are looking to become a more well-rounded photographer and really push yourself to use your 50 to it's fullest capabilities! Another 5 stars from me!”


“This was such a great course for me. I shoot solely with a 50MM & I had so many questions and issues regarding composition. This course answered every question I had as well as teaching me posing, lighting, angling, This gave me so much more confidence with my 50mm!”


“Love it! Although the 50 mm is my primary lens, I've figured there's always room for improvement. Nevertheless there was something in this video I did not know and could use. If you use a 50 mm on the regular you will definitely find something in this video that you can use. If you have a 50 mm and not using it, dust it off and purchase this video; you won't regret it! No Excuses!!!”


“Thank you Meg, I shoot with a 50mm regularly and this has help me about my lens as well as composition and angles from this video.”


“I love it! Although 50 mm is my primary lens i believe in the saying there’s always room for growth. Sure enough upon watching, i learned something new about my primary lens. If you shoot with this lens i promise you there is something you’ll take from it! And if you have a 50 mm that you don’t use as much, dust it off because thus video will make you find use for it! No Excuses!!!”


“Loved this!”


“This workshop has inspired me to pick up and start making better use of my 50mm! This lens was the first non kit lens I ever owned...a Christmas gift from my husband the first Christmas we were married and he loves that I've started using this lens again thanks to Meg. It really is so versatile and I love that it's small and easy to carry around whether for client sessions or capturing photos of my own family. I love seeing the beautiful portraits Meg creates with this lens in places that most people wouldn't think to stop and take a photo at. Another great workshop!”


“This was one of my favorites from Meg! I loved that Meg walked you through how to set up and take a shot using simple natural backgrounds that I never would have thought to use and end up with a beautiful image. Meg then shows you how to edit two images. I learned so many techniques from watching her edit, I gave it a 4-star because I wish she had explained more about how to focus and get a sharp image of your subject shooting wide open, which seems to be one of my problems with the 50mm.”


“Wow...just wow! My first Meg video...cant wai to get more!”


“Feeling inspired after watching No Excuses: 50mm. There were so many tips and tricks tucked away in the clips that I can not wait to out into practise. Seeing the photos as they were being taken and having the why explained makes this a unique learning tool.”


“Luv Luv this workshop! Purchased it before xmas and haven't really had a chance to watch it until now. It is SOOO good! Hated my 50mm but between No Excuses 50mm and Journey 2018 I am falling in luv with my 50mm lens. Thank you Meg as my 50mm has been sitting in the cupboard since I bought it 18 months ago and was considering selling it! BUT not now, It will be on the end of my lens much more often xxx”


“This has been the absolute BEST course for me. I shoot solely with a 50MM and I had so many questions and issues regarding composition and much more. This course answered every question I had. It taught me posing, lighting, angling, and MORE! This gave me so much more confidence with my 50 and also taught me how to make the most out of what I have to work with. This is a MUST HAVE!!”


“Love this workshop a lot. I have the 50mm regularly on my camera and it was amazing to learn so many new possibilities of this lens. Amazing!”


“One of the amazing things about the no excuses series is that you can watch over and over and get so much new every time. I think that's actually how I feel about all the videos I have purchases so far. The fact they are distilled into very specific areas also helps me not to be overwhelmed with all I don't have or all that I don't know yet and just work with what I DO have.”


“Thank you Meg for offering these wonderful products at year end specials! You have made it more affordable for me to purchase six of them and sign up for the program you offer monthly. I recently found you and your work is so gorgeous! I have so much to learn and cannot wait to begin! Thanks again!”


“I love the No Excuses workshops and because of the sales I was able to budget extra purchases. I decided to go back to portraiture from weddings, make it about my photography and passion again. I got the biggest compliment of all from a fellow photographer in my area after posting a couple recent sessions. "I have been telling you for a year to value your photography more and it turns out you were just in the wrong niche because what I thought was good before seems dull in comparison. You can literally feel the passion and excitement with this change in direction and it's obvious what you really love, bravo friend". Thank you Meg for offering MORE than the just the technical side of photography.”


“My favorite Meg workshop so far. I shoot with a 50mm regularly and I learned SO much about composition and angles from this video.”


“Such a great workshop! I learned so much more that I can do with my 50MM. I very much love Meg’s teaching style. Can’t wait to purchase more workshops in the future.”


“Another winner! No Excuses 50mm is a fantastic worshop! It'll teach you to see trhough your Nifty Fifty (although, the teachings in this workshop are applicable for all kinds and sizes of lenses, and that is what I love), it'll teach you posing, it'll teach you composition, you'll learn angles, you'll learn valuable tips that are going to help you tremendously! This workshop includes editing of some of the pictures that Meg took during the workshop. This is great, this has helped me so much!!”

— LIZ L.

“This was helpful to learn a lot of different compositions you can do with the 50 mm lens. Helped me understand the limitations and benefits of different focal lengths. Editing is just amazing!”



— KYM G.

“Definitely worth the money so helpful I am surprised at all I can do with my 50 mm ?”


“Very excited to watch this!”


“Cant wait ! :-) :-)”


“Cant Wait!!! :)”