Maternity: Stripped

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Join me for this maternity workshop to learn how to pose, compose, light and understand the naked pregnant female form.

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Maternity: Stripped

Maternity images can be anything you want them to be. Join me for this maternity workshop where I show you how to pose, compose, light and understand the naked pregnant female form while creating beautiful edge pushing, erotic images.

7 Reviews for Maternity: Stripped

“It is so interesting how we all see things so differently. Like Meg shoots from a distance, I like to be right there with my client experiencing with them. Meg has visions in her head about how the scene would look, I would never put a pregnant woman laying on steps because in my mind it looks like she has fallen. This is a good video for beginners. Meg is good at showing you that you do not need a studio to create a vision. In this video, you will learn a lot about ARCHING your clients back. And overall making sure they elongate their bodies. She gives a lot of facts quickly at the beginning that should be written down to make sure you take it in regarding lighting. I believe there is a lot to take away from this video. I personally just enjoyed experiencing someone else's photo session. I feel it will make me more comfortable in my sessions knowing how different I am from others. It's all so great, we all have common goals but different styles.”

— GIA R.

“A rarely thought of concept for maternity and you nailed. It’s refreshing to see something so different that can be easily worked into our own vision.”


“Absolutely superb ? This workshop is a must to own”


“What did you just Do, MEG!!! This video was crazy cool. I loved those stunning models, I loved your vision. You blew the shit out of the maternity paradigm sessions! I loved it.... So Freakin much!”


“Have been waiting to watch this amazing workshop, and it’s a must have! The beautiful models looked stunning! Meg you never let me down with any of your work shops, but this workshop is the best one yet! Pregnant women can be sexy, and you thought me how to make that happen. ? Dianna”


“I really enjoyed this workshop so much! So many new posing ideas, lighting is awesome!”


“Love love love this workshop! The dark and edgy vibe is gorgeous!”