Commercial Headshot Bootcamp – October 2019


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Commercial Headshot Bootcamp – October 2019

Join Stacy Gallizzi in a private group where you will work together to improve your commercial headshot images.  Using the techniques she teaches in her Commercial Headshot Video Workshop, Stacy will work together over the month to teach you lighting, posing, editing and styling! Let Stacy be the voice in your ear that guides you to be the best you can be.  Let’s get it in gear and get this BOOTCAMP started!

Bootcamp will begin on October 7th and continue for 4 weeks. Every Monday Stacy will introduce a new topic for the week. She will also post a Q & A thread in the group where you will be able to ask her questions about the topic for the week. Every Tuesday Stacy will be supplying a video in which she will discuss her images, and explain how and why she positioned the subject, how she positioned her light, etc. She will give you instructions on composing your commercial headshot images and how to beautifully light, style and pose.

On Saturday, you will submit your assignments. On Mondays, Stacy will provide a video in which she will spend up to an hour critiquing the images which you have submitted as assigned. She will also engage in the group daily and help guide you throughout the process.

  • Week 1: October 7 – How to light commercial headshots
  • Week 2: October 14 – How to style commercial headshots
  • Week 3: October 21 – How to pose commercial headshots
  • Week 4: October 28 – How to edit commercial headshots

Please be aware that not EVERYONE may have the opportunity to have their images chosen or reviewed, however, this is an AMAZING opportunity to learn from each other.

You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL of the Videos in this course.

There is NO requirement that you post images or that you participate in the discussions.  You are free to just read the threads and enjoy the videos.  We all learn at our own pace and in our own way.  You can watch and follow along silently, if that is your preference.

The link to join the group will be available on the course page once you purchase the workshop. You will have to provide your email address AND secret code provided in order to join the Bootcamp Group! You will be approved individually, shortly BEFORE the bootcamp begins.

Questions? Email us at if you have any questions and we will help you. Do not post on Facebook or PM us there. We do NOT check Facebook PMs.