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Client Style Guide

From artist MBP
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What to wear, what to wear?! Every photographer hears that question from their clients! Let me help you advise them and guide them to the perfectly stylish shoot of their dreams! When you apply my simple guidelines to helping your clients find their style, while maintaining your OWN style, you’ll find out just how EASY styling can be. Make your next session a styling success, by knowing these rules and by giving yourself permission to break them at just the right time!

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Product Reviews

5 total reviews
Thank you. I've studied fashion and they can really make it so complicated. You 've got a much more no-nonsense approach. I'm an overthinker and you really help me quieten my mind with simplified helpful guidance.
This guide is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!
Excellent resource that answers all the FAQs that photographers have about Meg's styling. I appreciated that the information was concise and flowed, with just the right amount of images to support the material. This allowed me to envision my own ideas without "duplication, " if that makes sense. "Style," after all, should be individualized to the artist, and this resources provides the perfect balance of examples to spark inspiration. I always look so forward to my Meg of the Month and I am never disappointed. This month is no exception! <3
Soooo helpfull !!! My favorite quote “Kill then with fire” I’ll leave you in suspense for that one!!!
Awesomeness Meg ! Thank you?