Classic Edits Volume III


An all-new collection with TEN MORE of my FAVORITE CLASSIC edits. For 2019!

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Classic Edits Volume III Includes:

10 Videos
1 Hour, 30 Minutes of Video
Lifetime Access
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Classic Edits Volume III


You asked for it AGAIN, now it’s here! Get even MORE of my Classic Photoshop Edits in this new series. In 2017 I brought you my Classic Photoshop Edits which were pulled from 5 years of Live Webinars before Meg Bitton Live began. In 2018 I brought you Volume II. The Classic Photoshop Edits and The Classic Photoshop Edits II were my biggest selling course last year, and you LOVED them! Now, I have recorded a THIRD special collection of TEN of my FAVORITE CLASSIC PHOTOSHOP EDITS. This series includes 90 minutes of video showing step-by-step how I edited all 10 of these images.

This is a GREAT place to start if you’ve never purchased any of my edits.

This collection includes LIFETIME ACCESS to 10 full video recordings.

After you’ve purchased this video series, come BACK and show me your work too!