Behind the Camera: A Day in New York

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Behind the Camera: A Day in New York

Go Behind the Camera with Meg as she walks you through a gallery of images and explains what shooting was like on a recent session shooting in New York City! Meg explains ALL of the technical aspects AND the creative and artistic thoughts and processes that went into her shooting.

Two hours in the field.

One hour shooting time.

Three Props.

Five mini sessions.

One holiday card.

One personal image.


Final galleries.

Time stamps and settings.

Go Behind the Camera in the city with Meg!


2 Reviews for Behind the Camera: A Day in New York

“Love this behind the scenes! Meg does a great job walking you through her process of mini sessions and the settings.”


“I enjoy these behind the camera videos~ It’s a good way to check in and compare how you run your own sessions and where it’s working and how certain things can be tweaked to be even better than what you’re doing now.”