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137 Testimonials

“Meeting and learning from Meg was so refreshing. She's very down to earth and encouraging of others. We often get so caught up in our heads that we overthink things when we're shooting. Meg showed me that the perfect shot can happen anywhere. You don't need a ton of props or the prettiest location, and you don't need to purchase a ton of actions for post processing. Meg can give you all of the tools to take your photography to the next level. Education from Meg Bitton is one of the best investments you could make for yourself and your photography business.”

— Michelle Babets

Cleveland, Ohio

“I have learned so much from Meg's webinars, including the silent ones. I have tossed aside all my cheesy actions, saved a ton of money, and with Meg, have learned to edit my images with COMPLETE control, in easy to understand steps and in 1/2 the time! Thank you Meg!”

— Renata, TEMPO Photography

Collingwood, Ontario

“Attending Meg Bitton's workshop has been one of the best things I have done with my photography education. It changed the way I look at photography and made my shooting style better. Meg is a fantastic teacher who WANTS you to do well. She is very encouraging and just a fun person to be around. I highly recommend taking ANY workshop of Meg's. You won't regret it.”

— Amber Gregg Photography

Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Every class I learn something new. I feel pretty experienced in Photoshop but Meg opens my eyes to new ideas. I look forward to every class with her. I have learned things that I never even knew were possible. Well worth the money.”

— Sara Simonson

Cincinnati Ohio

“I am not a professional, but am a driven grandmother with a strong desire to capture my family with photos .. good photos. Meg's once a month editing classes have taught me so much to bring out the best in my photos. It is so gratifying to apply what I've learned and be proud of the results. I look forward to learning much more from Meg, a very talented artist. Thank you for allowing me to learn, even though I am not in business as a paid photographer!”

— Marcia Ritzma

Lindale Tx

“I came across Meg's Facebook page 4 years ago when I first started my long, stressful journey as a photographer. I quietly watched and admired for those 4 years and fell in love with Meg's vision. I signed up for my very first editing webinar in 2016. I was nervous about letting go of my actions. They were my cradle, I depended on them. The thought of hand editing completely scared me. Sitting watching Meg "do her thing" felt like a dream, I was on a cloud, totally drawn in. Today I have taken 3 of her editting webinars and I still get butterflies. It's like magic, so much information as well as advise. Every time I have watched one of Meg's webinars I have learned something new and I have seen great results! Learning from Meg changed the way I see things. It will change you too.”

— Oceans Soul Photography

Jensen Beach Florida

“I cannot begin to describe how valuable Meg's teachings have been to me! I have learned about myself and what I want as a photographer, and I continue to grow and develop my education with editing. I have learned more from Meg's teachings this year than I have in the last 3 years of workshops. I cannot recommend her tutorials enough.”

— Cassandra Sweeney Photography

Tehachapi, California

“I consider myself well educated regarding the use of Photoshop. I took one of her courses out of curiosity. I can honestly say that I had several "aha" moments. Not because of the tools that she used, but because of how she used them. Her order of operations were a direct line to her thought process and overall vision. Her course challenged me to use my own skills to create the visions I have in my head.”

— Patricia Marie Cannella

Manalapan, NJ

“I have been a fan of Meg Bitton's amazing work for many years. I see her photos come across my Facebook feed and it stops me in my tracks. In January, I joined her Maternity & Children's photography group, thinking I would just get to see beautiful photos and get some advice on how to achieve breathtaking images myself. What I got on top of that, was the opportunity to learn from Meg herself, via online webinars. I have participated in many, and I have found myself growing so much this year. I have grasped how to edit in Photoshop without the use of actions, how to take photos in any location and make them look like it is a stunning area, how to use light to correctly expose and enhance your subject. My goal is to meet Meg one day, and to take an in person workshop. I must thank her personally for giving me confidence in myself, and for allowing me to see that I have so much potential. I am so excited to join Meg on the journey to unlocking MY talent. Many thanks to Meg and her team. I am an eternally grateful and loyal student.”

— Tracey Hart Photography

Bowie, MD

“I have been taking Meg's classes for a while now, and each time I am left speechless. I have learned countless ways to make my images the best they can be. More importantly, I have learned to see through my own eyes. Classes with Meg aren't just about editing. They're about inspiration, finding yourself, and creating what comes from YOUR heart. Great things never come from comfort zones, and she has certainly brought me out of mine. She has changed my life in many ways, and for that I'll be forever thankful.”

— Urban Owl Images

Lancaster, PA

“I have learned Photoshop techniques watching Meg's online workshops that I use every time I edit a photo. They are easy techniques that anyone can learn to do, but the main impact of watching her work is the way my "fly on the wall" view of her creativity has inspired me. Meg will take a photo that I could have possibly taken on a good day (or a lucky day) and do simple things to enhance it, things that I wouldn't have seen or considered. I don't know if I'll ever be as accomplished a photographer as she is, and I'll probably never be as creative as she is, but when I edit a photo now I look for possibilities that I wouldn't have looked for before.”

— Edie Layland

Lomita, California

“I have learned so much this past year from Meg's monthy webinars and from her More From Less online workshop. I have been able to simplify things and make beautiful photos without a ton of props. (I still love my props, but I am truly having fun with this newfound simplicity.) I can proudly say that I now have the freedom to create without the use of actions. I am so thankful for Meg and all that she does. Meg INSPIRES!”

— Vegas Baby Photography

Henderson, NV

“I have now taken two Meg Bitton webinars. The latest, "Banish the Greens," was everything I needed to take my editing to the next level. Some of the things I learned were things that I didn't even realize were an issue in my work. I highly recommend these webinars as a way to identify and correct trouble areas in your work!”

— Megan Blasdel

Santa Fe, Texas

“I have taken Meg's online editing webinars, and have had the opportunity to learn from her in person. She doesn't hold anything back. She teaches photographers the tools to be able to succeed independently in thier own businesses. Our generation is lucky to have a photographer and mentor like Meg who gives back to the community.”

— Fay Simcha Photography

New York

“I have taken Meg's year long online editing workshop, two in person workshops, and many other online webinars. Meg is by far the best teacher I've ever had. Meg has helped me to bring my work to levels that I never thought I could reach. She is the best of the best.”

— Elliebelly photography

Lancaster, PA

“I have taken only a couple of webinars with Meg, but what I do remember was that a couple of years ago I had emailed her with a question. At that time I had no idea who she was, except that I loved her final edits and style. With open arms she asked what she could do to help me. I needed practice and that was her advice - get out and practice. I guess I was wanting miracles. I'm not at the top of my game, but I can tell a huge difference from where I started. I am scheduled to take two workshops with Meg and Sandra in the spring - so I am sure that I will have more to share after those. Thank you, Meg, for believing in so many.”

— Mandy Williams Photography

Elberton GA

“I thought I knew Photoshop, but Meg's education takes your work to a whole other realm. She has so generously unveiled the secrets of her editing magic. If you see magical portraiture, and you ache to achieve those looks but think you can't, think again. Meg will show you that you can!”

— Helen Aronson

Philadelphia, PA

“I took Meg Bitton's Workshop, and it was one of the highlights of my year. I walked away a better photographer. I also captured an image of my youngest son during one of her assignments that I will cherish for a lifetime. She went above and beyond, working with me one on one on that particular image. Her workshop was like nothing I had imagined, yet exactly what I needed. I look forward to taking more.”

— Cara Shalowitz Photography

Creve Coeur MO

“I took Meg's "More from Less" online class in July. It totally transformed my studio work, and gave me the confidence I needed to consider myself capable of providing professional level photography services. Meg's no nonsense and candid feedback is refreshing in a sea of pleasers who will tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. Meg and her team are responsive, and always helpful when needed.”

— Patricia Meszler Photography

Apex NC

“I took Meg's No Excuses Webinar and it opened up my eyes to a whole new world. The way I look for locations has turned upside down. It made me realize that you don't need the perfect spot to make your creative vision come to life.”

— Lindsay Schmerbeck

Navarre, Florida

“I wrote an email to Meg about one of her webinars .... I stand by that testimony. "Hi Meg Last night was my second webinar with you. I am not the best at articulating what I feel but when I see your images I 'breathe'. Not trying to blow smoke up your ass but watching you edit a couple of time makes me realise that I have been doing things right (and many things wrong :) ) and need to believe in my self and my dreams. You have given me my confidence back. Creating makes me happy and I will and continue to learn and grow to make 'me' happy. Thank you."”

— Susan Buckman Photography


“I'm amazed at how my work has changed since watching Meg's webinars. My photos are much more natural and it is all my own work, without the use of actions. I would have to say that the Black and White webinar has been my favorite thus far, but I've taken several that were all wonderful and well worth every penny!”

— Wildflowers Photography


“In December I finally took the plunge and did a 'Watch Me Edit' even though I was barely able to use Photoshop. I kid you not, watching Meg edit for 20 minutes made more click for me than a year of random video tutorials and books that I had previously done. I've done a few now and can say that thanks to Meg's clear, concise methods I haven't used Lightroom in 10 months! I then took an online mini workshop in April and left with a whole new mindset. Meg really has a talent for teaching, yet never making you feel her way is the "right" way. It truly is a soul searching experience due to the way she guides you with thought provoking questions that make you really examine yourself as an artist. She has a way of uplifting you even when she is providing critique, and it makes her a wonderful teacher. Looking forward to the No Fuss Just Us workshop in May!!”

— Valerie Marinello

Charlotte, NC

“It's like I've been living blind before I took one of Meg's webinars. She didn't open my eyes, she opened my mind. It's amazing how easy can be editing after Meg teaches you how to rock Photoshop.”

— Krizia Fotografia

Lima, Peru

“It's simply wonderful how Meg manages to transform something ordinary into an extraordinary piece of art, almost magical. With the utmost ease she turned my photography 180 degrees, so that I achieved not only a higher quality in my work, but gained self-confidence as well.”

— Claudia Sagues Photography

Mexico City, Mexico

“I've been taking Meg's silent classes for the last 9 months. I cannot believe how much I've learned watching her creating her art JUST once a month. My bad habits have completely changed. I find myself preferring not to use actions anymore. I've been using Photoshop for long enough to have convinced myself that I knew the tools, but I have never really tried to create art and transform an image for myself. Yes, I knew how to use PS but Meg opened a new window for me. She showed me how to create art. My husbandand I also took a workshop in NY with Meg this year. If I had only known how much I needed it, I would NOT have waited 2 years. Meg was absolutely amazing, sharing her knowledge and taking the time to interact with us. She was available and ready to answer any question. I left the workshop knowing that I had not been told what to do, rather that I had been guided to find my own path to create my own art. And, seeing my husband enjoying the workshop and eager to come home and edit his images (and not passing them onto me) was the absolutely best feeling. Meg's workshop was the BEST investment we could have made for ourselves as photographers. As I said before, if you haven't... YOU SHOULD.”

— Gaby Olson

Glendale AZ

“I've had the opportunity to participate in a few of Meg Bitton's webinars and will be attending one of her in person workshops next spring. The webinars I have attended left me with knowledge that would have taken me years to figure out on my own. I am truly amazed by the talent and uniqueness of this woman. If you have never purchased one of Meg's educational products, do it, her willingness to share her knowledge and experience with others is a powerful tool for any photographers growing business.”

— Jessica

Independence, KY

“I've taken a few of Meg's webinars but her curves webinar has changed my life! It has drastically changed my work flow and the time involved in editing. Thank you so much to Meg for sharing her talent!!”

— Lea’s Looks Photography

Saint Mary's, GA

“I've taken many webinars with Meg, from the silent editing webinars to an interactive webinar regarding shooting and editing in studio. In each one, I've learned something new and had an "ah-ha" moment. Meg Bitton's editing is so unique and yet easy to follow. She gives you the tools to apply to your own personal shooting and editing style. Her webinars are well executed and organized. And even outside the webinar, I always find it so helpful that Meg is willing to share settings, etc, and answer random questions.”

— Jessica Horowitz

Houston, TX

“I've taken several of Meg's webinars, and I've attended one of her in person workshops. Both are so eye opening, and have given me so many "light bulb" moments. She has taught me how to use tools that I've always had, but never fully understood.”

— Candids & Colors Photography

Odenton MD

“Learning from Meg has been the most beneficial thing I have ever done for my business, and for myself, as an artist. Meg has helped me to identify specifically the areas in which I can grow. I have left her workshops, online tutorials and mentoring session with a clear action plan to refine my portfolio, and my business.”

— Sarah Hinchey

Boston, MA

“Meg and her workshops have been instrumental in helping me find who I am as an artist. She has helped me hone my vision, my voice, and my focus. I have learned to see and understand how and why I create the work that I do, and I have learned to challenge and expand my creativity. Meg has done of all that while helping me stay true to my own artistry.”

— Pam Korman Photography

Philadelphia, PA

“Meg Bitton has an incredible gift. She is able to listen with the intent of comprehending the meaning beyond the surface of the words. She listens, and then she returns powerful and insightful questions back to her students. Those questions turn the words into a personal and powerful process which allows movement, thus allowing the students to get closer to their voices. Her gift is the ability to listen with her heart, and respond with her creative mind. She is one of a kind.”

— Ana Rocha

Aberdeen, Scotland

“Meg Bitton has given me what no other course or mentorship has, the key to my own potential, the perspective to see what only I can give the world through my art.”

— Sonya Covert

Hamilton, OH

“Meg Bitton has revolutionized my vision, ability, desire, and confidence. After just a couple of hours of learning from her, I have become more sought after as a photographer and my number of bookings has increased immensely. She moves quickly and the amount she covers in a short amount of time makes every opportunity to work with her an incredible value.”

— Island Moon Photography

Albuquerque NM

“Meg Bitton is a photographer I have admired for quite some time. I have attended several online webinars with her as well as an in-person workshop. (I know my way around Photoshop and I know my camera.). I find her to be very down to earth, honest, inspirational. She has taught me to open my mind, both with my editing and with my session workflow. I have learned techniques I might not have otherwise have considered. I always walk away from watching Meg feeling very inspired!”

— Melissa Dickie

Paris, Tennessee

“Meg Bitton is a portrait artist extraordinaire. Watching her edit is like watching genius at work, seeing how the magic is made, and she makes it look easy. It's not, of course; not for us mere mortals, - but she makes it look that way. She has much to offer anyone looking to improve their portrait photography.”

— Colleen Skazalski

Milford, Michigan

“Meg Bitton's editing webinars are inspiring. Her eye for detail and color is flawless, and her ability to translate her vision to the people she is teaching is nothing short of incredible. She creates excitement for growth, while encouraging other photographers to find their own voices and to create their own art. She is clearly dedicated to the artists who come to her table to learn.”

— Christina Angel, Paint the Sky Photography

Cincinnati, Ohio

“Meg Bitton's work speaks for itself. She has left an indelible mark on the photography community. From the way she styles, composes, poses and edits an image to the way she watermarks it, each portrait she produces is a part of her soul being bared. She is someone I admire and look up to, not only for her technical skill set, but also for her ability to stay raw, real and completely authentic. I sincerely hope I get the chance to learn from her for decades to come.”

— Oh Good Gracious Photography

Allendale, NJ

“Meg doesn't just reach you how to take pretty photos, she pulls your style and your story out of you, and pushes you to create your best art. In learning from her how she shoots, and WHY she shots the way she does, I've found my own passion and creativity.”

— Jennifer Lappe Photography

Tampa, Fl

“Meg has changed the way I view myself, and the art I create. She has changed the way I think, and inspired me to always be myself. I have watched her edit online, in person and I have also taken in person workshops. She is really the epitome of what a professional should be. I can't wait to see her conquer this new chapter!”

— Cristiana – Poetic Moments Photography

New Jersey

“Meg has given me a different perspective on Photography. She's taught me how to handle my business, how to make my business grow and expand by doing things that are consistent. She's also taught me how to connect with my subjects in a different way. I love working with Meg. I never leave a workshop without an " Ah Ha" moment. If I could, I would take every class online and in Person. Also, the way Meg interacts with the photographers that are in her workshops, in person or online, is incredible. I've seen Meg go over things over and over and over again, however long it takes until the person she is working with " gets it". Thank you very much, Meg.”

— PhotosByGlenna

Morganville, NJ

“Meg inspires. Empowers. Emboldens. Encourages. Her simple, inspirational teaching style not only gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to achieve my dreams- she also has a way of making me believe I CAN, and giving me the confidence and motivation to get out there and make it happen. Art is created. Meg inspires us to create. To push. To try new things. To take it to the next level. To fulfill our potential. She is a treasure trove of not only knowledge, which she shares generously, but also motivation and inspiration to take that knowledge and go out and make magic. Her slogan is Souls Imagined. She embodies that not only in her photography, but in her teaching. She will encourage you to dream what you want to become, and then achieve it. And she will guide you artfully and gracefully through that process.”

— Shauna Luvinina of Lifescapes Photography

Austin, TX

“Meg is an incredibly gifted instructor. She teaches you how to get more out of yourself and your own photography - not how to be like her or anyone else. Investing in her workshops / webinars has been one of the best things I have done for my photography, and myself. If you want to learn and to grow, it is one of the best investments you will make.”

— Krista Frohlich – Freckled Frohlich Photography

Edmonton, Camada

“Meg is consistently pushing boundaries. Through her work, I've learned to think outside of my comfort zone, outside of center. I strive for the honest emotion shown in her portraits.”

— Porter Meister Photography

Green Bay, WI

“Meg is hands down one of the most influential mentors in the photography industry! Not only does she generously give away her techniques for a successful session, she covers all bases in regards to shooting with soul and photographing with purpose...everything from pre-session planning to post-processing workflow, and anything in between.”

— Wishbox Photography

Virginia, USA

“Meg, I don't even have the words to describe how much I've grown since I started taking your webinars 9 months ago. I'm addicted! I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all that you do, and all that you offer to others. I am SO amazed every time I attend your webinars. You simply blow my mind! You are an amazing soul, photographer & teacher!!! Thank you again for all that you do to help others!!!”

— Dalena Jones

Knoxville, Tennessee

“Meg's Curves Webinar completely changed my understanding of Photoshop, and changed the way I edit photos. It was a total light bulb moment that convinced me to sign up for her year long webinar series. I just can't wait to learn more.”

— Meghan Dickerson

San Marcos, CA

“Megs webinars are one of the greatest teaching resources out there. She shows you simple editing techniques that are easily applied to your own style of work. Hands down best money I've spent on my education as a photographer.”

— Photos by Stacey

Barnegat, NJ

“Meg's webinars are simply amazing. After having attended one, my skills and images improved exponentially. Meg is honest and grounded. A no nonsense, fair dinkum and very generous person. Believe me, you will feel inspired and motivated once you take one of her classes. Do not hesitate for one second!”

— Lea Hardy Photography

Newcastle, Australia

“Meg's webinars are the best. Whether it's verbal or silent, you learn so much! I've been able to save many photos from the trash bin thanks to Meg's teachings. I HIGHLY recommend you take her workshops ASAP!”

— Irasema Lobo

Laredo, TX

“Megs workshops are life changing. I learned so much, but most importantly I feel so inspired and confident to go ahead and do things my own way! Thank you Meg for being YOU and for helping me be ME.”

— Marie Christine Photography

Stony Brook, New Tork

“Meg's workshops are lovely, and to watch the creative Photoshop process from start to finish really helped me to bring life to my own visions. She treats her images like paintings - instead of "How do I fix this?" it's more "How do I enhance this?" - and my creativity has improved with every class!”

— Jamie Stefanko Photography LLC

Charleston, SC

“My photography and editing skills have improved by leaps and bounds since I started participating in Meg Bitton's webinars and workshops. I finally have self-confidence in my work. Through Meg's teachings I have been able to go from a hobbyist to a budding professional photographer, and I finally believe that I can hold my own among many other professional photographers. Thank you, Meg, for helping me to believe in myself!”

— Mangeot Photography

Louisville, KY

“Over the past two years, I've had the immense pleasure of not only learning from Meg via online webinars, but also in getting the full "Meg" experience during her 3 day "Finding You" workshop in NJ/NY. To see the magic that Meg creates with an image is amazing. To watch it unfold is beyond words. She has the ability to captivate you and teach you at the same time. She's an open book and will take the time to show you, step by step, how she poses, connects with, and shoots her subjects. Then, she will make you do it until you understand it. She puts so much time into making sure that those working with her have a complete understanding of what she's teaching. Because of her time and attention I can honestly say that my abilities and confidence in myself as a photographer has grown so much. Meg pushes you beyond your comfort zone and makes you see with your heart, as well as your eyes. She's amazing. I'll be forever grateful for all I've learned from Meg.”

— Tammy Davis Photography

Bellmawr, NJ

“The thing that amazes me most is the tools that Meg uses! They have always been at my fingertips but i never thought to utilize them the way she does. Whether the tool involves seeing locations and light with a "photographer's" eyes, or using simple adjustments in Photoshop, I am in awe at how simple yet powerful her methods are. I have never had a start-to-finish workflow come so naturally to me! Everything seemed to just "click" ;)”

— AGems photography

Spruce Grove, AB, Canada

“Unique educational themes, distinct style - Meg Bitton’s training has been a wonder tool in my photography journey. She not only imparts information, she encourages and guides you towards understanding so that you can take the knowledge and make an image your own. I have taken several of Meg’s photo editing webinars and have seen my skills in working with images expand tremendously - going from a newbie with PS using five basic actions to hand editing with the confidence to artistically craft in post. I am excited to seek new and different training from her in the future.”

— Dionisia Ray Photography

Dallas, TX

“Watching Meg Bitton edit her amazing images is like watching a painter make every last stroke perfect!”

— Becky Hinch Photography

Roblin, ON Canada

“What I've learned from Meg through the handful of webinars I've taken with her is how NOT to be limited. She teaches that if you can envision it, you can create it. Her no excuses project was eye opening, and learning that I can edit an entire image with a single tool, curves, took away so many more excuses. You are only limited by your own lack of effort. Put all of you in, get all of you out. Thank you, Meg.”

— Stephanie Stanton

Shelby Township, MI

“Attending one of Meg's workshops was a game changer for me. Her no nonsense, open book approach to providing advice and information during the workshop was greatly appreciated. I wouldn't hesitate to take another small group workshop in order to have that one on one interaction and experience with Meg's wealth of knowledge. I know that it would improve my skills.”

— SJo Photo


“By watching Meg's webinar I learned what would have taken years of work in a few minutes. I learned to create magic!”

— Carolyn Rangel Photography

Manassas, Virginia

“I attended a fall weekend workshop with Meg and it has made all the difference in my confidence as a photographer. The tools I learned have set me apart as a photographer, and helped me to find my unique voice in the saturated Boston market.”

— Michelle Symonds Pure Photography

Boston, Ma

“I attended Meg's Forest Workshop earlier this summer, in an effort to improve not only how I interact with clients, especially children, but also to improve my skill at posing them as well. I walked away with so much more than I hoped. I have always loved playing with light on my subjects but I saw it differently after my time with Meg. I was able to connect with my subject much better. During the post processing part of the workshop, I learned editing techniques that I would not have occured to me. It inspired me to take what I learned and try new things.”

— Liv Inspired Photography

Bridgewater, NJ

“I discovered Meg through a Facebook page at just the right time for me. I was starting to really like photography, but didn't know very much. Suddenly the horizon seemed infinite. Meg opened my eyes as to what images could look like straight out of the camera, and then what could be done with them with editing. I was amazed and hooked! I honestly can't get enough of the week long workshops, and the single webinars. I feel like I'm constantly learning and being pushed to be better. For that, I really can't thank Meg enough. I do this as a hobby and my kids often ask me why I keep spending so much time on photography. I tell them that it makes me happy and that is very important - and I thank Meg for so much of my inspiration.”

— Amy Anahory

North Easton, MA

“I got the chance to spend the day with Meg Bitton when she was in McKinney, Texas, last year. It was a fabulous day, filled with learning her style of photography. In just one day, we shot in a studio setting, an indoor setting using only natural light, and in outdoor settings. We watched her edit her images and she answered every question that was asked. We were also treated to lunch and dinner with her. It's astonishing at just how much she can fit into one day! If given the opportunity to spend any time with her, whether it be online or in person, you owe to yourself and your clients, to jump in with both feet!! You simply can feel the inspiration coming from her when she speaks.”

— Belle Rosa Photography

Wylie, Texas United States

“I have partipcated in a number of webinars, and can say hands down that learning from Meg has been the best investment in my photographic journey. As a consequence of the webinars, I have gained confidence in my abilities as a photographer and come to the realisation that it is okay to follow the beat of my own drum. Being able to witness an amazing photographer's workflow has been a fantastic way to better understand how these beautiful works come together.”

— Corayla Phoenix Photography

Brisbane, Australia

“I never thought it was possible to learn so much during a 20-minute webinar! Meg uses Photoshop tools for things that I would have never thought of. She shows you how she creates the vision in her head so that you are able to take those tools and create your own vision. I've learned something new in each one I have watched, and I love taking each new technique learned and applying it to my own work! Thank you Meg!”

— Amanda Clark

Cedar City, UT

“I started out with little knowledge of Photoshop and an even smaller amount of confidence. After taking Meg Bitton's workshops, I've learned so much. With every workshop, not only did I gain new techniques, I was immensely inspired and confident in my approach to my work and to my clients.”

— Trucly Bui Photography

San Jose, CA

“I thought I was a pretty saavy Photoshop artist until I took a few of Meg's courses. I was wowed, to say the least, both at her techniques and at the natural beauty revealed through her use of Photoshop. I have re-evaluated my older photos that I processed using actions, and have begun to re-process them. I can't believe the improvement in my work.”

— Catherine Menikotz

Canandaigua, NY

“I took an online workshop, and it was the first class I had ever taken from Meg. She opened my eyes in a really huge way to what my photography is to me, and to how I document it. I don't know how I didn't see it before!! Now when I shoot I'm more conscious of my goals. Taking risks is not something that comes easy to me, but I'm slowly incorporating this in my client and personal work! Meg has forever changed my way of thinking!”

— Nicole Parizo photography

Porter, IN

“I took ONE online class with Meg Bitton and found the confidence to edit without using actions immediately!”

— Cedar Rush Photography

Canal Winchester, Oh

“I was completely lost at how to move forward with learning essential skills in my photography journey. Some of the information I found online was confusing or only offered one small piece to a very complex puzzle. Then I stumbled across Meg, and the way I viewed my work, others' work, and photography as a whole started to change. A light went on and I was able to begin putting the pieces of my puzzle together. The many editing webinars, the More from Less studio workshop, and the Styling and Posing 101 workshop provided me invaluable tools to better not only my skill, but myself as well. Within one year, I went from very limited knowledge of Photoshop and no studio lighting, proper posing, or styling skills to receiving enough requests for portraits that considering planning a business seemed logical. The journey is ongoing, and I am so very thankful to have found such a generous and skilled teacher to guide me through.”

— Amanda Jane Photography

New Milford, CT

“In the past year, I have taken 2 workshops with Meg along with several of her webinars, and hands down my photography and editing skills have improved 150% in that time. It is amazing how much I have learned in such a short period of time, and how my confidence has increased in my work. My creative eyes have been opened!”

— Vintage Daisy Photography -Jamie Shook

Rock Hill SC

“I've been taking Meg's webinars (as many as I can), since the day I discovered Meg last year. I can only imagine what the workshops are like, if the webinars are so amazing! For Photoshop newbies, I recommend taking the webinars where Meg is speaking! But, those who definitely know their way around a little, the Silent ones are great. As always, wishing Meg and the whole team the best in this new chapter!!! We are all right behind you & here for you! <3”

— Bavi


“I've been watching from afar for years. Fan-girl, if you will. About 8 months ago I purchased my first online workshop. Mind blown, to say the least. I couldn't believe how much information was shared in such a short time. Later on, I purchased a few more, and have continued to grow and learn as a photographer in ways I never imagined possible. I've purchased an in-person workshop with Meg for next May, and can hardly wait!”

— Shelby Smith

Murfreesboro, TN

“I've only been able to attend a couple of the Silent Watch Me Edit webinars so far, but those have been extremely beneficial to my business. Meg's techniques are simple, yet brilliant.”

— Kira Dawn Photography

Waddell, Arizona

“I've only taken one of Meg's webinars so far - a silent edit one - but I learned so much more from it than I ever thought I would have. If you have a basic understanding of Photoshop, it's amazing how much you can get out of watching her edit, even without hearing her processes. She shows you how to use the common, readily available tools that so many of us use anyway, but in new and different ways. It's magical. I can't wait to take more!”

— Katie Robson

Houston, TX

“I've only taken one webinar, but what I learned there I have applied in my editing workflow consistently. Looking forward to learning more!”

— Rocio Joo Photography

San Tan Valley, AZ

“I've taken 2 of Meg's Webinars, a Sky one and the Power of Curves. Absolutely amazing! Meg is clear, concise and extremely easy to follow even if you're still a little afraid of PS. I want to take all her Webinars! I have learnt SO much from you, Meg, and it shows in my work. Thank you!”

— Kellie Lou Photography

Adelaide, South Australia

“I've taken several of Meg's webinars. Each and every one of them was very helpful in helping me find my own style while learning some new post-processing tricks at the same time.”

— Lenae King

Lusby, MD

“I've taken two of Meg's webinars and have learned so much. I love the way Meg explains what she's doing in a manner that makes sense. I've recently started doing this as a hobby, but Meg's work inspires me. Honestly, it wasn't until I saw her style that I really saw the beauty in portrait photography.”

— Lori Murphy


“Learning from Meg continues to fuel my soul. Finding a new confidence, being brave enough to attempt new challenges and being inspired to create the once previously thought unimaginable is the magic I am so happy to be a part of. Thank you, Meg, for sharing your gift.”

— Snuggle Bunchkin Photography

Lincroft, NJ

“Meg Bitton is a great teacher, quite apart from being an awesome artist. I have attended few of her online webinars and those were life changing. My Photoshop skills improved so much in a very short amount of time.”

— Saeeda Gulzari Photography


“Meg has a magical way of bringing out the best of you, of assisting you in becoming the best YOU you can be. My photography has grown exponentially since mentoring with Meg.”

— Captured By Kristin Photography

Flowery Branch, Ga

“Meg is one awesome lady! Listening to her and watching her webinars really shows you her workflow. Just by looking at the photos before and after, you can see her visions and how they are developed. Following her online and reading her advice to everyone is so helpful. Meg is gracious and willing to help! Amazing!”

— Lil Bean Photography

Holden, MA

“Meg is the real deal. Learning her techniques without the use of actions and other flashy things has helped me to greatly refine my work.”

— Denise Lovelace


“Meg's webinars inspire me to try harder, and to take more risks with my editing. They have been the push I needed.”

— Dream In Color Photography

Medford, NY

“Meg's editing classes opened my eyes to a whole new world in Photoshop. Even better, she gave me the tools to really make my vision come to life.”

— Angelika Mitchell Photography

San Francisco, CA

“Meg's in person workshop was life changing for my photography business. She took her time and went through things step by step. She was willing to answer any questions we had, and kept the day full of information, along with lots of fun!!”

— Carie Kingery

Elliston, Va

“Meg's online webinars have been a huge help for me in finding my way as a photographer. I've re-learned tools which I thought I already knew how to use, making my work stand out without relying on actions or presets.”

— Robyn White

Columbia SC

“Meg's passion for not only photographing her subjects, but also for educating others shows so clearly in her images, and in her workshops when she's teaching. Thank you, Meg, for encouraging us, your students, to think outside the box and to challenge ourselves within our environments!”

— Diana Perez

Coventry, RI

“Meg's tutorials will without a doubt elevate your photography. It doesn't matter where you are in your career. To have someone with such a brilliant mind willing to share her knowledge leaves me in awe.”

— Emily-Melissa Photography

Washington, DC

“Meg's webinars are amazing! I don't use Photoshop, but watching her work on a photo from start to finish, and being able to see the transformation from photo to final vision is very inspiring. Meg has helped me to form my own vision for my shoots, and has helped me focus on the available light in a very different way. If you are a Photoshop user, I can only imagine that her webinars would be even MORE amazing to you!”

— Slice of Love Photography

Oakland, CA

“Meg's work is like a breath of fresh air. I love her style, and her editing blows me away. I have enjoyed the webinars that I have attended online, and I look forward to attending her workshop here in Pittsburgh next year.”

— Lara Brown Photography

New Florence, Pennsylvania

“My first Meg Bitton editing workshop was only an hour long but wow, I learned so much. Yes I knew the tools and functions already, I have been using PS for years, but Meg showed me how to use them in ways that I had not yet explored. That first hour with Meg was the start of me getting out of my comfy 'safe' zone and becoming the artist I wanted to be when I started photography.”

— Sacha de Klerk from Sacha de Klerk Photography

Toronto, Canada

“Since I have taken Meg Bitton's classes my mind has changed completely. Now, when I shoot I always think about what I am going to do with the final picture. Also, I feel more confidence now with my editing workflow, as well as with my editing skills. I have stopped using actions and presets at all.”

— Mamá Oso Fotografia

Monterrey, México

“Watching how Meg uses a few simple tools in Photoshop to take a good photo to something absolutely magical in just a few minutes is truly amazing! Meg has opened my eyes to the power of Photoshop!”

— Lyndsey Thomas

Toronto, ontario, Canada

“After taking an in-person workshop with Meg Bitton where we photographed three beautiful young models in the woods, my confidence and skills vastly improved. I felt able to achieve the image that was in my mind, and that was so incredibly rewarding!”

— Rachel Ellentuck Photography

Randolph NJ

“Amazing!!! Because of Meg...I am what I am! She gives me confidence to push outside the lines!!! I attend Meg's monthly webinars, and I learn every month!!!”

— Cheeky Munkee Photography

Lubbock, Texas

“For the last 9 months I have been doing editing webinars with Meg Bitton, and I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned! The ways that she uses the tools in Photoshop are simple, but she gets amazing results. My images have improved tremendously as a direct result of watching, and listening to her edit. I have already purchased the webinars again for next year, and I am beyond excited for the in-person workshop I will be attending with Meg next year in New York!”

— L. Wink Photography

Sacramento, California

“Hi! I watched Meg's skin webinar. It was very informative and impressive to watch Meg in action. The webinar started with a straight out of camera shot, and it was amazing to watch it progress from there to what I see online!”

— Lori Hassfurther

Jasper, IN

“I am happy to have had the opportunity to take several classes from Meg. Each time I come away with a new found confidence in myself which then reflects into my photos that I create. I feel I have grown so much as a photographer as a result of her teachings. If you ever have the opportunity to take one of her classes or webinars I highly suggest you take it.”

— Boe Barrios Photography

Adrian, MI

“I have learned so much from Meg, observing her, listening to her, and asking a lot of questions! She came right over to me in a workshop and told me what I was doing wrong, and I learned from that too! Meg makes it look so easy. I walked away from both workshops I have taken with her very inspired. Meg's editing makes everything look so dreamy and whimsical, and I have taken away at least one new trick from every webinar I've taken. Anyone can see such growth in my work over the last year. I would not have come this far had I not been taught by Meg. I think you can learn from so many sources, but it really takes someone to inspire you too, to make a real difference. Thank you Meg!”

— Jennifer Rossi Photography

“I have not taken a workshop yet, but I will be attending one in December. I have, however, taken a couple of editing webinars and they have greatly helped me understand how to make a photograph come to life in a new way. I am excited to meet Meg and learn how to be a better me!”

— Willow Creek Photography


“I have taken two of Meg's webinars...and they were simply amazing to watch! I know enough to get by in Photoshop, but watching Meg brought all new ideas to life. I had quite a few "ah ha" moments. It was like seeing a image being painted with light.”

— Jenny Clark (Don’t Blink Photography)

Thaxton, Va

“I learned more from the online editing webinar than I ever did from any other teacher. Meg teaches (in a straightforward way) how to utilize the tools within Photoshop to express your own unique artistic vision. My editing has dramatically improved and now I feel I can do anything now that I have the tools. Highly recommended.”

— Monica June Photography

Boca Raton, FL

“I started Photoshop in Dec. 2015. I had NO clue about anything. My first webinar taught me SO much. It showed me what could be done with curves and layers and masks, and literally opened up the world of Photoshop for me. Meg is a very thorough and a very easy to follow instructor. I have since taken many webinars, and I have learned something new each time.”

— Julie Sultzbach Photography

Lititz, PA

“I watched my second webinar last night. At first, I was like, that's it? That was too simple. How can a little thing like curves change my photography? Then I sat down to finish a session I was editing. Instead of reaching for the actions that I am always running, but having to reconfigure each time (take this off, add this, lower that, raise this), I reached for the curves like Meg showed in the webinar. Immediately I was getting exactly what I wanted!! And the best part? I was getting the effect I have been searching for for so long! Thank you and I cannot wait to learn more!”

— Dawn Thornton Photography

Chattnooga, TN

“In all honesty, the connections and friendships that have blossomed in my time with Meg have been HUGE. A session or workshop or webinar with Meg is like summer camp with an incredible amount of artistic growth. In ONE week, with no prior experience, and having never used the equipment, I learned how to shoot in studio. Remotely. While working FULL TIME outside my home in another profession. In one webinar, I learned more than I figured out in more than three years on my own, and hundreds thrown away on actions. Also, my daughter has been lucky enough to have been selected multiple times to model, and watching Meg connect with her took my breath away. Meg is an incredibly gifted teacher and truly changed my whole outlook on so much. Magical, indeed.”

— Lisa C. Jones Photography

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“I've had the opportunity to take Meg's online editing workshops. They are the most amazing experience. She shares her knowledge on how to take a photo to a magical level. When I struggle with editing a photo, I think to myself "what would Meg do?". I am also constantly going back to my webinar notes to reference key things. She is simply the best.”

— Tracie Kunz Photography

Minneapolis, MN

“I've taken a few of Meg's online courses. I always walk away with a fabulous new technique, but what is worth so much more than that is that I always walk away applying what she taught to MY style. She phenomenal at encouraging you to make sure your light shines through your own way.”

— Snap by Ang

West Jefferson, NC

“I've taken online and in person workshops with Meg, and after each session I find a piece of me that has been missing in my work. I'm almost there, so I'll be taking more courses with Meg. I appreciate her being an open book and sharing what works for her!!”

— Rhodna Bowman

Wilmington, DE

“Meg Bitton's education tutorials have opened my eyes to a new level of creativity!”

— Tanya J Adams Photography

Tulsa, OK

“Meg has a magical way of connecting with individuals whom she is photographing. People fall in love with her art because she stirs emotion. Meg also takes her art to a new level with her creative editing style. The beautiful thing about Meg's teaching style is that she challenges her learners to gain mastery for themselves rather than duplicating anyone else's work, including her own.”

— Studio Ginevra Photography

Nassau, Bahamas

“Meg is a great teacher! I have attending many of her webinars over the past year. She's thoroughly in depth with her technique. She talks slowly and clearly enough for her students to understand what is being executed. She just amazing! I highly recommend Meg Bitton!”

— Tasha Puckey Photography

Danville, PA

“Meg, made me feel like a friend the minute I met her! She teaches from the heart with truth and passion! She makes asking a question easy as she never talks down to us or makes us feel like we shouldn't have asked the question.”

— Tonia Smith

Brooks, Alberta

“Meg's More from Less weeklong workshop gave me so many tools in setup, styling, posing and editing. My experience on editing and Photoshop was very limited prior to this and I am just amazed at all of the things I am able to do now. I left the course at the end feeling more confident and so ready to keep practicing all that I had learned. Meg's encouraging, straightforward, no BS approach was just what I needed to keep me motivated when things were feeling stale and burning out!”

— Valerie Goodfellow


“Meg's silent speed editing online webinar opened my eyes to not only tools available, but also how much I can grow by taking risks and trying them out. In 30 minutes I feel that I learned to give myself the permission to take risks, move forward and explore so many possibilities that are right at my fingertips. Wonderful!”

— Lisa Colberg

Monroe, CT

“Meg's teaching changed everything for me. I see ordinary things in extraordinary ways now. My work is a true testimony to what she can bring out in her students.”

— Apryl Hopkins Photography

Brandon, Ms

“Meg's training has helped me to go from amateur to professional, which was my goal in attending her workshop and studying online with her. There is no other substitute for her intuition and artistic knowledge...just do it!!”

— Beth Horn

Montgomery, Texas

“Only one webinar with Meg, and my editing abilities improved drastically. It's not a "business expense," it's an investment from which you will see positive returns. It's also a HUGE confidence booster. How can you put a value on that? I went from a rut to being excited about getting out and playing with my camera more. I will definitely partake in more of Meg's webinars in the future, and I truly hope to work with her in person some day!”

— Sweet Moments by Wendy

Saratoga Springs, NY

“Watching Meg's webinars over the past year or so has literally changed my life. My editing has become so much more fluid, and I feel more capable of bringing my artistic visions to life. I am more confident in my decisions, and most importantly: PREFERRING my own editing to actions, on which i previously relied more heavily. I have learned so much through silent and verbal edit webinars. I can't wait to study with Meg in person later this year, and in Boston next year. I've learned more in 15 minutes with Meg than in hours of study elsewhere. Thank you, Meg, for helping insipire and teach others, with my most heartfelt sincerity and gratitude! <3”

— Nic Sparrow

Southcoast, MA

“What can I say about learning from Meg? It's a true journey, it's hard, inspiring, thought provoking, challenging and has completely changed how I see the world as an artist. Meg opens her heart and mind to all of her students. She guides you and forces you to take a long hard look at who you are. It's scary but freeing. The more you put into her classes the more you get out of them. I have truly loved learning from her. I have not only learned technique, I have learned to look inside myself to find the answers.”

— Rachel B. Photo Studio


“Best teacher I have ever had! I can't thank Meg enough for all the learning experience. For a person who's english is second language the most important always is to understand my teacher. Meg's voice is so clear and magical. It's a pleasure to listen to her and be amazed. I can't wait for the day I will meet Meg in person. Meg, thank you for teaching me photoshop, software I thought I will never understand. Best investment in my business.”



“I have purchased several of Meg's classes and can not wait to "watch and learn" from the best. On my bucket list is to shoot with her someday!!!! #ConnieEtterPhotography #IndianaSeniorPhotographer”

— Connie Etter Photography

Martinsville, IN

“Meg's courses have trimmed years off my learning curve. A value simply cannot be placed on the photography education gained here. From planning the shoot, to improving composition and simplified editing, it has all helped to create the vision that I imagined. Thank you, Meg for sharing your talent and helping us bring forth our best art!”

— Angela Holley

Birmingham, AL

“Merci pour ces vidéos Ça me correspond totalement Dommage que se soit pas en Français Je me regale avec mon 200f2”

— Vacheron jerome

Saint romain le puy en France

“* Simple studio *”

— Camille Grolleau Photographe

Huberville, near Cherbourg in Northern France

“There are “teachers” and then there are “inspirational teachers”, Meg is the latter. I have watched many of tutorial videos on the web but just get lost or unmotivated due to the lack of inspiration in their teachings. The way Meg interacts with each of us on her Facebook page is absolutely unique and I look forward to all her posts. Love her attitude and straight forwardness and the hopefulness/encouragement she portrays to each of us to achieve what we envision. At one point I was neither here nor there whether I wanted to pick up my camera and get busy, but since joining her page, I have soaked up all the knowledge that flows through that page and recently purchased a couple of her classes. Just watching Meg edit and the way she speaks keeps me engaged. I love her outlook, vision and her willingness to share her techniques with us all. I have a new outlook to photography now, I can’t thank you enough Meg! She is MEGainspirational!!!”

— Dawna Tucker Photography


“I resisted taking a curves course thinking I could use my eye and learn what Meg was teaching without paying for the course, WRONG! I finally broke down and bought the Zero to Curves course and wow, what a difference.”

— Minnehan Photography


“I have learned so much from the courses I have taken with Meg. She is the inspiration I was looking for in making some changes within my studio this year. These courses are an investment in your future and worth much more than you can imagine. Thank you Meg for sharing your amazing talent with us.”

— Photography by Christine

Waverly, Iowa

“When I first met Meg it was in Minnesota and extremely cold. We shot outdoors and well, we may have had the most amazing story to laugh at for the rest of our lives. Meg taught me so much trough all of her amazing classes, and now with all these webinars to watch when ever we want, i can't express how grateful I am to Meg. Meg has went above and beyond the meaning of kind, she's here for us every step of our way in photography. One thing i have taken away from all my experiences with Meg is find yourself, although its hard sometimes to hear the truth, she does this to push you to the next step. Her honesty is truly helpful it makes you think a little harder and makes you not only trust in her as an amazing artist, but you also trust in yourself. I would highly recommend any and all of these courses she has to offer, if you only pull one thing out of them it's something you grow from. I am forever great-full to all she has given to me. Thank you again xoxo”

— Twinkling Hearts Photography

Eden Prairie

“Wow... I have been stuggling to teach myself Photoshop. I just purchased Zero to Curves and.. I got it!! Ben was AMAZING at breaking it down. I can not wait to redo photos and start moving foward. Thank you Meg and Ben! Game changer for real!”

— Yahweh Photography

Abingdon, MD

“Being such a huge Meg Bitton photography fan, I knew that purchasing her workshops would be worth my time and money. I had no doubt that I would learn new skills that would be beneficial to my photography business, and was so excited for each one. Of course Meg delivered and I learned so much, but the real gains for me were more personal. As much as I learned about the techniques and helpful tools in my photography and editing, (which was beyond expectations), the Q&A and the personal boost from Meg, was everything I needed to hear. When she meets with the in-person workshop attendees and gives advice and encouragement, I could relate to the stories, insecurities, and questions from the group, because I had similar questions, stories, and/or insecurities. Meg was so open about her own photography journey and the lessons that she learned, what worked for her and what didn't. I was able to ask questions and she answered. Meg is encouraging, motivating, and best of all, real. When I need a boost, I go back and watch one of my purchased workshops. Without a doubt worth every penny!!! Thank you, Meg!!”

— Angie Morris Photography

New Orleans, Louisiana

“Being a Middle School Photography teacher as well as a Photographer, I have always considered myself very proficient in Photoshop. I have always been in awe of everything Meg does. I have taken more webinars than I care to admit but Meg's are all the best. She makes you believe that you are as good, as well as shows you how & why. I now look at my photography in a whole new light. If anyone is contemplating purchasing any of these courses.... DO IT. You will NOT regret it. By FAR the BEST investment in my career I have ever purchased. Forever Grateful.”

— Emersen Rose Photography

Jackson, New Jersey

“I'm sold. I wish I could afford all the classes. I'm going to start saving! Just started the skin class and already learned so much that's making a big difference in my editing tonight! Thank you Meg!”

— JenniferB Photography



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