Support: Website & Mobile App


How do I watch a course?

After you buy a product (course, edit, etc) you can watch it later at your own convenience on the website or using the mobile app. You can watch it as many times as you like. Start and stop and go back over each piece until you’re happy with it.

How do I log into the mobile app?

The login used for the mobile app is the same email and password you use to log into this website.

If you do not have an account, you will create one with your first purchase from this website. Once created, just log into the app to view your courses and edits.

I made a purchase, how do I watch it in the mobile app?

After making a purchase on this website, your new videos automatically show up in the mobile app under My Courses or My Edits (depending on the type of video). If it’s not showing up, pull down in any section to reload the content (you’ll see a spinning icon while it updates).

Can I make purchases in the mobile app?

No. You can only purchase products (courses and edits) on this website.

Where are my edits?

All edits are viewed on the Edits page on the website, or the My Edits tab in the mobile app.

Can I download the videos?

You will have lifetime access to stream them on this website at any time, and you can download them for offline viewing using the mobile app.

Can I access downloadable files using the mobile app?

No. If a course includes downloadable files (for example: PDF files, Photoshop actions, brushes, etc), they can only be downloaded from this website. If a course only includes downloadable files (no videos), it will not show up in the mobile app.