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What is Meg Bitton Live?

Meg will be conducting a live workshop, just as if you were there with her in person. Some students will be. At the same time, the whole thing will be broadcast Live over the internet. It will take place over the course of a day. At the end of the day the workshop will end. It will have been filmed by a professional video crew with multiple cameras. Once it has ended, they will take the video and edit it to be clear and do any titles that it requires. Then they’ll upload it onto the web where anyone who has purchased it can stream it forever.

What if I can’t watch an event live?

Once you buy a workshop or the bundle, you can watch them live on on the day they take place, or you can just watch them later at your own convenience.  You can watch them as many times as you like.  Start and stop and go back over each piece until you’re happy with it.  You don’t HAVE to watch it live, but you CAN if you want.

What is the schedule for the live broadcast days?

The exact start times have not been finalized. We will be emailing everyone who purchased about a week before each event to finalize the broadcast time for the different segments.  We plan to start around Noon Eastern and then go on throughout the afternoon and into the evening. There will be breaks for travel and meals, of course, as they  move from one place to the next and one part of the workshop to the next. Once you have purchased it, you will not only be able to watch it live that day, you will also be able to stream it going forward and watch it as many times as you would like.

Can I download the videos?

No, the videos can’t be downloaded. You will be able to watch each workshop you purchase live as it happens, and you will have lifetime access to stream them online at any time. But you can’t download them.

How do I watch the recorded videos for my workshops?

Watch this tutorial video showing how you can access all the videos for workshops you have purchased.