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Balcony Curves

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Balcony Curves

It’s time once again to explore the amazing power of the curves tool! This month we’ll be working on a lovely, serene balcony scene with a bohemian vibe. Using curves only, I will show you how I smooth skin, enhance backlight, adjust color temperatures, and create the warm feel of a girl enjoying a summer sunset. One tool to create depth, emotion, and my signature glow.

1 review for Balcony Curves

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    LIZ L.

    This edit, Balcony Curves, it’s fantastic! Meg shows and teaches how to transform an image using only one tool, curves. I’m blown away that using only curves, now, I will be able to edit a photo in such a creative way! This is such an excellent tutorial, a must have!

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