Zero to Textures

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Do your images sometimes feel they need something else? I have the perfect solution.

Zero to Textures

Do your images sometimes feel they need something else? I have the perfect solution. A beautiful selection of artistic textures AND a complete video series from Ben Willmore on how to use them on your own images.

There are packs and packs of textures and frames for you to try and have fun with. You will not feel lost or confused as to how they work, because they come with an incredibly informative tutorial.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to post your images for everyone to see!

9 Reviews for Zero to Textures

“I kinda hate all the technical stuff and it’s like pulling teeth to get myself to watch these videos vs some of the ones that are more about magic, but I learned a TON from it! Thank you!”


“Some of this was very basic for someone with years of PS experience (I have been following Ben for years on here, CreativeLive and his MastersAcademy website). However, as with all Ben's videos, I always always pick up some very helpful and useful tips to improve my workflow and help me in my work. Every Ben Willmore video is worth watching no matter your PS level. He explains things in easy to understand and follow training. Ben is the absolute best with PS!!!”

— JAN P.

“I learned to use textures in some unexpected ways. This is a priceless tutorial that will give dimension and value to my photos and photography business.”


“Love textures!!!”


“I love learning from Ben and here is another video that doesn't disappoint! thank you so much Ben!!!”


“I've tried other textures before and been less than impressed. What makes this so different is the detailed instructions on how to use them and more importantly, how to adapt them to suit your image. The pdf guide is invaluable to have beside you as you practice. The tips and techniques section on its own is worth every penny and a whole load of different textures and frames are also included. I like it!”


“Loved the tutorial! Made using textures so much easier than I thought it would be. Thank you Meg!”


“This is an amazing tutorial that simplifies the texturing process while giving great guidelines on how to choose textures, apply them and modify them to your personal preference! The large assortment of included textures and deckled edge frames will keep me busy for a long time! So much information is also given on how to use layers and masks in applying textures that can be applied to other applications as well.”


“I really enjoyed this. Learning how to apply textures to where they don't take over a photo is always good and all the textures that is included I've been putting to use.”