Zero to Skin

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Join Ben Willmore and me as we show you how to create beautiful skin in Photoshop.

Zero to Skin

I have repeatedly said that I do not teach Photoshop, I teach possibility and vision. I have come to realize that many photographers need to actually be taught how to use masks and layers non destructively to edit effectively. So, I brought in Ben Willmore, author of over a dozen Photoshop books, who has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to use Photoshop in addition to being in the Photoshop Hall of Fame.

Ben Willmore watched how I edit SKIN in multiple ways and designed this course to teach you what you really needed to understand about Photoshop’s tools in order to make my techniques as effective as possible. Join Ben and me as we take you through THREE different methods to create beautiful skin on your subjects, curves, blur and blending modes and frequency separation. I will edit an image utilizing ALL of these methods. Ben will then take apart ALL of my steps and walk you through them. He will also offer many tips on how to speed up your  SKIN workflow.

This class will become your go to class for understanding how to create glowing, gorgeous SKIN.

This over an hour video has lifetime access for you to watch as many times as you wish at your convenience. It also includes  access to TWO Skin Actions, featuring my skin smoothing technique as well as the frequency separation technique which can be useful in some situations.

50 Reviews for Zero to Skin

“I'm so glad I have this! I had a teenager with the worst sores and acne ever and I was able to keep the texture of her skin yet, get rid of the blemishes that she had during her session. What a confidence booster for me and for her! It's just PS magic! Thank you, Ben and Meg for this great tool!!”


“Another amazing class! Absolutely loved the section on frequency separation. So much helpful information! Thank you so so much for this class!”


“Lots of great information!”


“I have been learning a lot in PS the last 2 years, but I really love all your tutorial/classes. Everyone has a way of doing things. I have learned so much more here with you this last month and will continue to learn. Still have many waiting for me to watch. I had mentioned I couldn't upload the action....well, my bad, I was trying the wrong one. So all is great! Thank you!”


“Hi, your tutorials are great, still watching them. I downloaded the Zero-Skin-action and it won't load, says it is not compatible w/ this version of Photoshop, I have CC. I tried 4 times. Thank you Susan”


“Very useful. What I like the most is the you get to the point without a lot of useless chit-chat that I've seen in other courses just to make them longer and I'll finish to watch them at a hyper velocity because there is no real content in there”


“This course is amazing! I just got it this morning and it's already a game changer. Between the facebook group and these courses, I went from wanting to give up photography to being in love with it. My soul is awakened in the most amazing ways. Thank you Meg!”


“Another amazing video! I love that I have permanent access to all of these courses so I can go back again and again. I feel like I pick up something new each time I watch them. Thank you!”


“This is awesome. I've had this for a while and I've watched it in bits and pieces, but today I finally sat down and really watched it. I took a simple picture of my daughter sitting on our couch - only a window light, and really made her skin pop with Meg's technique. This will be a tool I turn to in all my editing. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is struggling or having inconsistent results with their skin tones! It's a must have for your arsenal! Thank you!”


“Love this class! I seriously don't know why I waited so long to get this! I've always struggled with editing skin and this is exactly what I needed to be able to achieve the look I've been wanting. The actions were an amazing bonus too. Thank you so much!”


“This is a must have! Ben is the best Photoshop teacher and you will certainly learn a lot from this video!”


“FINALLY!! I understand Frequency Separation! Thank you Ben and Meg.”


“I've been struggling with skin tones so much, even after taking other skin related courses. This one is my absolute favorite by far. Meg has an amazing eye and process that she showcases in this tutorial. Then Ben Willmore, a master and the best teacher of Photoshop I've ever heard, goes over the tools she uses explaining exqctly what they do, how, and why. You don't have to be advanced in PS to learn this because Ben makes sure to go over the basics, as well as some more complex things. Calling this course an eye opener is an understatement. It's absolutely indispensable. Worth every penny. This will definitely not going to be something to watch once and forget. Thank you Meg and Ben <3”


“Best Purchase I've made so far. So much to learn from Frequency Separation & its a must knowledge for anyone who want to get a perfect touch in their photograph.”


“WOW,,,,just WOW!!! If you only buy one of Meg's videos it needs to be this on. Frequency separation is a game changer. Ben is the best teacher! I love how he explains everything so I can understand what all the settings does. This is by far my favorite of the 20ish videos I have purchased. NOW GO BUY IT!!! :)”


“Another great purchase. I've been struggling with skin tones and never fully understood the reasoning behind Meg's skin smoothing techniques and this broke it down completely. Ben is a great teacher and has so much great useful information.”


“I've been learning Photoshop just over a year now. I spent a lot of time on Youtube and thought I found some good videos on Frequency Sepration but I always felt like I didn't know what I was doing really. Still a lot of guess work. I need to know how something works before I can use it properly and never found anyone that went past the basic how to get started and almost every one was a little different. I still had know ideal what I was doing. I finally know how and why Frequency Separation works. How to set it up use it properly rather than monkey see, monkey try to do. I also know how lighten, darken, screen, multiply and several others modes work in Photoshop along with how to use them with frequency separation. Also another cool trick that Meg through in for sharpening eyes near the end. Thanks Ben and Meg. .”


“I purchased Zero to Skin when it first came out but never watched Ben's tutorial....well I must say this has been one of the best tutorials I have watched! It should be a "must watch" before you try any of Meg's edits! I teach high school Adobe Photoshop so I thought I knew quite a bit, but Ben's explanation of Levels and Curves has to be one of the best lessons with useful examples I have ever watched. I found myself saying "oh now that makes sense" hundreds of times. This is a must have tutorial for all!”


“Looooove it. I struggled especially with skin tones. Very easy to follow ❤️”


“This was an awesome, and very thorough course. I knew just enough to be dangerous before watching it. Now I understand how it all comes together and how to give precision control to my skin edits. Ben and Meg are excellent, clear teachers and the actions are a great bonus! Also the pdf notes are an excellent resource to refer back to.”


“Love, love love this!! I feel I learned alot from this . If you have trouble with editing skin then this is for you.”


“I've just finished watching this. I'm a photoshop user and fairly confident knowing my way around, but Ben's instructions are wonderful and I've learnt even more. Love the way Meg edits the skin and the skin brush is the icing on the top. Thanks.”


“I just finished watching the video and I do need to say that along with Zero to PS it is already my favourite. The amount of information it provides is so useful! The icing on the cake is the Skin Action that will save me a lot of time while editing and the PDF guide. It feels that Christmas is already here!”


“Thank you so much!! Total game changer!!”


“I have been using actions for a LONG time on skin, and always lost something. They made faces look flat and plastic. There was a wealth of information in here, and it actually speeded up my workflow on top of giving me a more natural and professional look. All of the Zero To classes are amazing, this one is no exception. Thanks Meg and Ben! You are amazing!”


“This video was a great help!”


“This is a great buy for learning better skin. Meg and Ben are just really amazing! Ben really makes it super easy to learn. Watching the video I was like WOW I didint know that. This is also great because you get Meg's skin action in this but I love how she shows you each step. This was worth the money!!”


“OMG!!! In the first 3 minutes I had a light bulb moment!!! I’ve struggled trying to figure skin editing out (that didn’t look crazy) but this is so straightforward and gets right into learning that I’m beyond excited for what I’ll be able to do for my future clients!!! To say Thank you isn’t enough to express my gratitude for Meg & Ben putting this information out there to teach others how to be great at providing beautiful artwork to their clients!!!”


“Brilliant class with lots of great information. Can't wait to put all that I have learn from it into practice. Thank you Meg & Ben!”


“I have been waiting for this one. I need my skins to go from gray to beautiful. I love that the skin action is included. I can't wait to start.”


“This is an amazing purchase! I am learning so much from all of Meg's tutorials, this one is no exception. I have applied these techniques to a few photos where I was struggling with either slightly blue skin from the cold or very pale skin on a toddler and they have turned out absolutely amazing. Thanks Meg!”


“This was so helpful! Have watched it once and learned so about to watch it again because I think the frequency separation info will be a game changer. So awesome. :)”


“I as most struggle with skin and all I can say now is WOW!!!! This is a game changer and I will be using what I learned from now on.”


“For someone whose really struggled with getting frequency separation, this video helped tremendously! Everything is broken down so it’s clear and easy to understand.”


“If you’re like me and have struggled w/ skin...this is the video education for you. Not only do you receive training on skin, you also receive Meg’s skin action as well! Thanks Meg for all you do to help us in our journe!!”


“This is a game changer for me. Thank you SO much!”


“LOVE this zero to Skin... I learned a lot”


“Excellent video and so worth watching. I learned so much about skin, lighting the skin and smoothing it. Both artist are great photographers and I appreciate them doing videos for us to learn from. Thank you Meg and Ben!”


“I've spent a fortune on different classes over the last few years and felt a little let down after each one! This one is brilliant, in the last 3 hours I have learned a completely different way to edit which will change my workflow forever more..... and frequency separation, why on earth didn't I know about this before! x”


“I am from Brazil and I am so happy to be able to understand this class! It's life changing! Ben totally rocks, makes everything seems so easy! Meg is kind of idol, I am saving to buy all edits!!! Thank you so much, it's amazing to realize that I can learn from Meg here, in my home. Love it!!!”


“as a newborn photographer I have been forever changed by bens explaination of frequency separation.. and megs skin edits.. this quite literally saved an entire session with a baby who had the worst newborn acne I've ever seen from being a nightmare. Thank you a million times over!”


“Wow! What an incredible lesson. I felt pretty confident in PS, but the frequency separation lesson really added some new tools! The combo of Meg's vision, and Ben's lessons makes a win, win, combination! A MUST for anyone who's on the fence.”


“Just WAW! I learned sooo much and i'm super excited to start applying all these tips and techniques! Meg and Ben I can't thank you enough!”


“WOWZA... An incredible learning experience right here.... Thanks sooo much guys. Ben your detailed explanation Was very easy to follow..”


“Amazing I'm a beginner and the way they break things down is amazing!”


“Another FANTASTIC class ... thank you both so much ... great learning!”


“This was a great Webinar. I am so glad I purchased it. I started applying Meg's technique to a 6 month session I have been working on and it looks amazing. Thanks again for the great class.”


“This is absolutely incredible. Having taken multiple webinars with Meg, as well as an in-person experience, I mainly purchased this for a quick reference. All I can say is WOW. MIND BLOWN. I learned well more than I thought I would. The explanations were clear, concise, and yet very detailed. Ben is a natural and Meg is Meg- pure magic as always. Even if you think you know, trust me- you need this. Do not hesitate; it is packed full with skin goodness that will speed up your workflow and give you confidence in your edits. The price is so generous for what you are getting; it is the perfect enhancement or foundation for 12 Skin edits or as a stand-alone toolkit for your skin workflow.”


“I'm very experienced and comfortable with photoshop and was impressed with your class. There is always something to learn. Thank you Meg,”


“Watched this last night, absolutely a must to have. From all the classes I have purchased I can say I have gone from ZERO to CONFIDENCE in a very short time. Thanks. Meg for helping me feel that I too can do it.”