Zero to Sharp

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This class will become your go to class for understanding how to create beautiful, sharp images that pop.

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Zero to Sharp

I have repeatedly said that I do not teach Photoshop, I teach possibility and vision. I have come to realize that many photographers need help to learn to edit their images effectively. So, I brought in Ben Willmore, author of over a dozen Photoshop books, who has literally taught hundreds of thousands of people how to use Photoshop, and has even been inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.

Ben watched how, what and why I sharpen, and figured out how to get you to be comfortable with the various methods of sharpening. Join Ben as he uses my images to demonstrate multiple methods of sharpening to create beautiful images both online and off. Ben will discuss methods of sharpening your overall image as well as isolated elements such as eyes. As requested many times, we will also delve into optimum sharpening and sizing for use on social media.

This class will become your go to class for understanding how to create beautiful, sharp images that pop.

48 Reviews for Zero to Sharp

“Wow! A massive amount of information. Loved i! Thank you!”


“I love the pace that Ben goes. I learned a lot from the class and took plenty of notes. I have always adjusted in Lightroom first and then moved into Photoshop never sharpening again. Big mistake! I can now say I'm going to do things completely different now that I have watched this class. Thank you!!”


“Ben Willmore is a remarkable teacher. Many experts tend to forget to teach the "little and in-between steps," but not Ben! He is very VERY diligent in making sure we get every teensy little step. This video is great to learn some tricks for getting photos sharp (note: it will not help you fix a blurry/poorly taken picture). I highly recommend it. Have a notebook handy, and lots of time to start and stop the video.”


“WARNING!! remember to have a notepad and pen ready! there is just so much info in this one. I have noticed posts where people feel their image lost sharpness, or looked different when posting on social media, Ben teaches you have to sharpen & save correctly for the internet, and goes a little into sharpening for print. Learning the different methods to use for sharpening and why you should use which one when! how to sharpen features & not wrinkles or uneven skin. shortcuts, workflow, saving so you can adjust later, just so much info. i love all the Zero workshops (so far i have watched Lightroom, photoshop twice, curves, skin 3 times, colour therapy) and got so much out of them. ben is an incredible teacher, so easy to understand, and so good at reinforcing things. I get aha moments out of all of them, and there was many in this one. No matter how much experience you have with photoshop i really believe you will get a lot out of this one. from now on i will start my sharpening in Lightroom, and i just feel really confident now that this will have a major impact on my editing. Thanks Ben and Meg. cheers”


“This is great. I watched it again after it has been almost a year since the last time and I felt I need to refresh my working routine in regards of sharpening an image. And what should I say, I confirmed what I learned before and did even learn something new, which I probably didn't realize before. So it is worth rewatching your workshops. I love the "zero to ... " series with Ben. Great input always. Thank you.”


“I can't believe how easy it is to learn from Ben! I've always had such a difficult time learning (and retaining) new things but Ben has such a way about him that I seem to pick it up quickly and remember it! I am so happy I found all of these workshops!!!”


“Can't go wrong with Bed Willmore. I have known most of these these techniques prior to watching this but nobody explains and puts everything together like Ben does. He makes sense out of things by explaining WHY certain tools work better than others for different situations.”


“Ben Willmore explains Photoshop better than anyone else! I would highly recommend purchasing this video!”


“Amazing Class - I felt very comfortable buying it as I not only like Meg edits but I have several of Ben's classes from CreativeLive - even then, this is one of his best classes. I am not new to photoshop and I felt I was good at sharpening images, after reading some reviews I decided to risk it and buy it! wow - so worth it, I was doing the right thing for the wrong reason and I was also on occasions doing the wrong thing in the right way lol. Ben set the record straight as far as sharpening. This class is superb and a must have for anyone who wants to have clean professional looking images. Thanks BEN!”


“If you want to learn -buy it! No doubt. Everything is explained into details and after watching -it is all about your imagination. At first I hesitated, but I did not regret it. Thank you for this tutorial.”

— ZIX Z.

“Fantastic video!! Learned so much more then I thought!!”


“I learned so much from Zero to Sharp. I've tried to search so many sources to understand this and ended up with a notepad full of scribbles and still not a clue. This course provides it all in one manageable area and Ben makes it seem straightforward. This is a fabulous resource to keep returning to as I practice. He also adds an explanation of why Meg uses levels to make the subject appear sharper than the background. One of the best time savers ever!”


“Just WOW! that is all! <3”


“No more wondering "what does this slider do?" Amazing course from beginner to advanced Photoshop user! Thanks for not assuming everyone knows what everything means! You never disappoint.”


“Honestly, I learned more useful info/techniques in the first five minutes of this video than I did taking a whole semester in Photoshop in college. This is probably my favorite video so far!”


“I honestly didn't think I needed this video. I was so wrong. I learned so much. I highly recommend this video to others. I consider myself to understand photoshop on an intermediate to -expert level but I learned a lot. Great Video. Everybody needs this!!!!!”


“This is what I needed! Good food for the Brain!”


“This was wonderful and I learned alot from this! If you think you dont need this then your wrong.”


“Excellent!!!! Very, very helpful information!! Thanks Ben and Meg!!”


“I thought I didn't need this course because I already knew quite a lot about Lightroom sharpening. I purchased it anyway to see if there was anything else I could learn and was so pleasantly surprised! There is always more to learn! Ben describes different ways to sharpen for different types of images and different final outputs, and throws in a fun couple of tricks at the end! I'm very happy I made this purchase and am looking forward to putting this new knowledge into practice!”


“i learned so much from this series!! if you've posted online and your images look blurrier than they do in PS, or you've wanted to sharpen without actions and haven't understood the different tools available and the settings to use them, when to use each type, and good workflow - then don't hesitate; buy this! i feel like this finally "made everything click" when it comes to output, simplifying things i had a hard time understanding before. just so good.”


“I thought I knew everything I needed to know about sharpening my images. Nope. I was dead wrong. Truly worth purchasing.”


“I've been saving for this course for awhile now, and I am not disappointed. This course is the best Zero to... series I've seen yet, and I will probably watch it a couple more times before I caught all the details. If you are on the fence, just do it!”


“I am learning so much since discovering your website.. zero to sharp is just the next step!!”


“I have purchased Bens workshops in creative live and now this. You both are amazing teachers, in just one video I was able to edit my photos and not feel like I was out of place.. thanks”


“So excited for the zero to sharp product!”


“I am a newbie at PS and have stalked Meg's pages for awhile now. I've been in love with her photography, and I'm looking forward to learning as much as possible from her tutorials. I've always had problems with sharpening in PS, and this is helping me improve and learn techniques that I wouldn't have figured out on my own.”

— AMY R.

“I can not wait to apply these techniques to my images!! Going to be a game changer!!”


“There is so much great things to learn here. Meg and Ben are really great at explaining things to where they sound simple and easy to try. I was really excited about frequency separation. This is a wonderful addition to the courses I already own!”


“I am huge fan of "Zero to" tutorials, Ben is a great teacher, it is easy to follow, you can apply it right away and he shows you more than one way to do it. I have seen Ben on CreativeLive and I applaud Meg for inviting him to her team, great move. You are both great teachers, thank you. 5*”


“Zero to sharp is amazing! Your images will be crisper and cleaner and it will make your overall image just rock!”


“Lots of information. This will be a great help.”


“Thank you for yet another great lesson!”


“This series is SO informative! I have been able to transform several shots that I loved but felt were too "soft" into amazing photos! Thanks Meg! I couldn't be happier :)”


“Wherever I look at this site, just great reviews of every one of the courses. Made me a bit skeptical and took me some time to buy few. IT IS ALL TRUE! Really impressive course, as well as the other two I bought! I have been using PS for few years (hobby) but litterally I knew nothing about sharpening until now! It gives a huge improvement to photos, especially if you work with low light and push your ISO above 200! No more grain, you get crisp sharp photographs after following this course! Simple to follow and learn with understanding. THANK YOU!”


“I held off purchasing this one thinking I didn't need it but I learned so much from it. I can now go hard on the sharpening with the understanding on how to avoid the artefacts and issues you get when you try to over sharpen. Thanks so much Ben and Meg for your lessons.”


“I have debated on purchasing this since it was released. I honestly underestimated the value of the content and thought I knew at least the basics. Boy was I wrong! This truly is a hidden gem and packed full of information. It is so easy get caught up in all of the gorgeous edits and overlook other components. This is a must have for everyone. Ben is a wonderful teacher and you will be viewing this one many times over. I only wish I had purchased it sooner!”


“Game changer. Literally. It's a game changer. I knew how to sharpen images... so I thought. I can't believe how much I'm learning from these workshops, even though I've been using Photoshop for 20 years! There's still so much more to learn... and this is a must-have for someone who wants crisp, sharp photos... or if you shoot with a high ISO and have some noise.”


“I bought this accidentally (lonnnnng story :) ) and I thought I'd give it a watch even though I thought I knew what I needed to know about Sharpening. Holy smokes, I barely knew what I needed to know and I learned SO much! Thank you!”


“Zero to Sharp is an amazing class! I've been using some of these techniques but didn't really understand what I was doing, now I do! Plus, Ben is so great about giving little tidbits of information that help with shortcuts and general "a-ha" moments when using Photoshop. Definitely recommend this class!”


“I LOVE zero to Sharp! Ben is a great teacher!!!!”


“First time someone has explained to me why I might want to sharpen a Raw image at the get-go (to compensate for what the camera does). I'm still a little fuzzy on how to use the 'Details' slider. Sometimes I just need it said in another way to get through to my brain. I'm a huge fan of Ben Willmore!”


“Very nice tutorial, can see a lovely improvement in my images.”


“This is LIFE CHANGING!!! I have always moved sliders around just guessing at what I am doing, trying to make my images sharper. I now understand the sliders and what they do, I now have the confidence to sharpen any image and know why I am picking the settings I am. This is a must buy video!!”


“SUPER helpful! I love understanding why I'm doing what I'm doing, I don't feel as if I'm fumbling around blindly now :) I'm confident I can produce cleaner images now.”


“I was completely on the fence about buying Zero to Sharp when it was first released....: and the weeks there after. I already own Dull to Dazzling, 52 edits, and two other Zero to series. I really thought that I would not need this. Plus, I have a few actions for sharpening. And I already sharpen eyes using Megs technique. All I can say.....I was completely Wrong! I literally was blown away with Bens teaching. I learned so much and I will be applying what he taught to every image from now on. I have a crop camera that produces horrible noise shooting anything above 200 ISO. And now I can sharpen my subject or anything I want to be crisper without having the noise sharpened! Thank you Meg and Ben for doing this!”


“I debated about purchasing this video because I have a couple of actions that seem to work okay for sharpening & I wasn't sure it would be anything better. Was I wrong! I have just gotten into about 15 minutes and I've already learned so much! Buy this! I'm glad I did. I love these Zero to .... because you learn HOW to use Photoshop and not just an action to use. 5+ Stars!!”


“I love that I always learn something new from your photoshop courses!”