Zero to Selection

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During this course, Ben will show you how to isolate specific areas of your image and how to copy an element from one photo to use in another.

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Zero to Selection

Selections are an essential technique to master in Photoshop and you will use this tool daily in your editing workflow. During this course, you will learn to isolate specific areas of your image and how to copy an element from one photo to use in another. From isolating simple subjects to progressing toward more complex images, this course offers step-by-step techniques to simplify your workflow and create innovative images using the magic of selections.

8 Reviews for Zero to Selection

“Over two hours of high-quality instruction. Found this to be a very helpful course.”


“FABULOUS tutorial and training!!! So many great tips - I took several pages of notes!! Thanks!”


“This video is awesome! So many things i didn't know how to use properly! Thank you so much Ben!”


“So many things I didn't know how to use properly. This changed my editing game.”


“This course is AWESOME and Ben does a FABULOUS job of teaching it! I have a much better understanding of how all the selection tools work and when to use each one. Before this course I was somewhat confused on how each tool worked, but Ben clears all of that up as he shows which each one does and when to use them. I have yet to be disappointed by a Zero to course and this one is no exception! Can't wait to see what comes out next!”


“My mind was blown more than once watching this. I can't wait to put all the new tips into practice!”


“Ben always making the hardest easy! Thank you! This was a life saver! After several YouTube over complicated tutorials I finally found an easy and precise way ?”


“This video is awesome! Ben's style of teaching is so clear and precise, and easy to follow. Finally, I have a good understanding of how to make intricate hair selections. If you do composites, I would highly recommend this. One of my favorite videos to date. Thank you Ben for taking the mystery out of selections, and thank you Meg for offering these courses.”