Zero to Photoshop

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This is the PERFECT course to start your journey with Adobe Photoshop. Over 5.5 hours of Photoshop lessons.

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Zero to Photoshop

If you are just beginning your journey with Adobe Photoshop, this is the course for you. This course, with renowned Photoshop instructor Ben Willmore, has been designed to be the first place to start if you want to learn Photoshop. This course covers the basics of Photoshop that will get you up and running.

This course includes 5.5 hours of Photoshop lessons:

  • Lesson 0: Zero to Photoshop (Installing and Mindset)
  • Lesson 1: Previewing, Opening, Resizing, and Saving
  • Lesson 2: Initial Adjustments in Camera Raw or Lightroom
  • Lesson 3: Photoshop Fundamentals
  • Lesson 4: Working with Selections
  • Lesson 5: Getting Started with Layers

Zero to Photoshop is designed to the VERY first stop in Photoshop education you need. Ben literally starts from zero, showing you how to install Photoshop, and then walks you through the most fundamental features to start your post processing journey using Photoshop. Most importantly, he teaches you the mindset to take advantage of future learning to come.

Ben is flat-out the best Photoshop instructor I’ve ever worked with. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Read the reviews on this page!

51 Reviews for Zero to Photoshop

“I finally feel like I am able to make a start in the beast that is Photoshop. Ben is an amazing communicator. He doesn't do hype, he doesn't do drama, he does clear, informative instruction that allows you to quickly take notes and follow along. Well worth the investment for anyone feeling like they don't really know where to start.”


“This is a great workshop that helps you get to know Photoshop! Ben is an awesome teacher and very to easy to follow. I will definitely purchase other "Photoshop to..." videos! Great investment!”


“I am completely mind blown! I was hesitant to purchase this product thinking that I already knew the basics of photoshop. HA! Little did I know that I knew the very very very basics. I learned so much. Oh, and Bridge... I can not believe that I have been missing out on this for so long. Thank you so much for making these instructions easy to follow and teaching me so much.”


“This workshop is incredible, Bens teaching methods, voice, the thorough way he goes through each point make this workshop a bargain at any price. I watched most of it when I first upgraded to cc, then I watched all of zero to Lightroom, and the. Came back to this, rewatched some and finished the last segments, . Honestly, I really believe no matter how good you are at photoshop you will learn something here. So many nifty tricks, so many alternative ways of doing things. Watching these 2 workshops has cleaned up my PC, and cut editing time down by about 75%! No exaggeration! Simply brilliant, thanks Ben and Meg, cheers”


“Best class ever even if you "know" photoshop and bridge. I learned stuff I didn't know existed.”


“AMAZING! Don't hesitate to buy Zero to PS. Ben's a great teacher, easy to follow and does a great job of explaining. I have always done my editing in LR and stumble around in PS. PS is very overwhelming to me, however after this course I have a good understanding and great foundation to get started. I have purchased a few PS course and have been disappointed with the lack of explanation. Ben does not disappoint, by far the best PS class I have purchased. I will be buying more of these PS classes and now I even want the LR course. You won't regret this purchase!”


“I've been trying to learn photoshop on a deeper level for a few years. I've taken countless courses and watched tons of youtube videos, I honestly have learned so much and I'm not even all the way through it. Ben is an amazing teacher, so very easy to follow and understand. Worth every penny and much more just wish I would've found Megs stuff sooner! I'm totally hooked.”


“I have actually used PS for a few years now, but as a hobbyist photographer. I was hesitant to buy this because I wasn't sure if it would be too basic for me. I am so glad that I did because I learned so much from this! It's a MUST for anyone that uses photoshop, or wants to learn! So many tips and tricks and He has such a way of explaining that it is very easy to picture in your mind, and understand. I loved this one, thank you!”


“I tried to give it 5 stars, but it won’t let me. This is a fabulous resource. I’ve watched it several times in its entirety, but keep going back for bits a pieces. Great information on the tools and how the mesh. Thank goodness for lifetime access.”


“Hats down for Mr Ben.... he explains in a really easy way to understand .... I understand PS much more better than before...THANK YOU TO THE TEAM FOR GIVING US PEOPLE THIS OPPORTUNITY”


“Even if you think you khow how to work with photoshop, you will learn so many new things. Its awesome!”


“Great work shop!! Ben does an amazing job of explaining each section. As a novice I found it all very easy to follow. Thank you!!”


“I absolutely LOVE this course ! Ben does it explain all soooo well but without being boring. Just the perfect info you need in the shortest amount of time. Absolutely perfect !!”


“If you want to learn to be proficient in Photoshop, this is the course to buy. Ben is an amazing teacher and breaks everything down in a way that's easy to understand. I was just starting to work in PS when I bought this course and it made a world of difference for me. Thank you Meg and Ben!!!”


“This workshop is for the true beginner which was totally me since I started with the instructions on how to even install photoshop. I was SO glad I invested in this course because photoshop was very intimidating. I learned so much from Ben as he is extremely thorough. I love having all pertinent information in one place and this course has everything you need to get started.”


“I have learned so much than I ever thought I could about Photoshop. Ben is amazing at showing you exactly what you need to know. Even if you think you know Photoshop you should still get this”


“Nice video I learnt many things. Ben is a good teacher.”


“Loved Zero to photo shop it really helped me understand photo shop. This is a must!”


“Super helpful and easy to follow! I learned a lot from this course. I'm going to go through it a few more times until I really have this down!”


“Zero to Photoshop is a must have no matter how proficient you are with PS. The lessons Ben teaches, not just explains but teaches, are a must have foundation. These lessons pinpoint how I can improve all the aspects of my editing!”


“This is a wonderful video if you are just starting out and haven't really familiarized yourself with PS. Ben is clear and concise... he tells you what he is going to tell you, he tells you, then he tells you what he told you. If you are brand new to around the intermediate stage, I recommend this video. Ben even remembers to tell you the different keys to use on Mac v Windows. I am definitely excited to use the basic tools now that I know what they are there for, and more than anything how how to use them effectively. Ben is a great teacher! The only thing that would've made this video more effective is to have "play" files to work along with... especially of you are kinesthetic learner.”


“This workshop is great for those who are looking for something to help explain photoshop. Ben explains it in a very clear and easy to understand way, and doesn't just rip through it at lightening speed. This has helped me immensely get back up to speed with photoshop after being away from it for many many years. I could not recommend this enough to any photographer - beginners through to experienced, there is something in there for everyone. Thank you to Meg and Ben for putting this together!”


“I am so excited about this! I have learned so much and it will save me hours on organization/editing. My husband is going to get tired of hearing me rave about this video. I can't say enough good things about this. Definitely worth purchasing and the time it takes to go through the lessons.”

— AMY R.

“Best workshop EVER for a beginner!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!”


“super helpful workshop~ I am not new to photoshop and still found it very helpful!”


“Super helpful and very informative!”


“I consider myself an "intermediate" Photoshop user and I still learned a lot of short cuts that make using Photoshop easier. I purchased the video for my son who is interested in learning more about what I do at my studio. Ben is very detailed and makes watching the videos easy to work along with. I know he will enjoy them as much as I did.”


“Perfect for the beginner! Great course!! I highly recommend it. A must buy!”


“Hands down amazing! Worth every penny!”


“I am a beginner, but after watching these videos, I feel so confident in Photoshop now!! Knowing I have these references to always go back to is a big sigh of relief! I definitely recommend this to anyone!! Super informative and easy to understand!!”


“My passion is photography. I had started to think I would be that one person who just didn't post process beyond presets. I've gone from falling asleep to falling in love with Photoshop! I especially appreciate the tips that make it easier to follow along with Meg. Thank you, Ben!”


“This is a long, but informative course. You learn lots of tips, tricks and basics. It literally starts you at how to install photoshop and works it’s way up. It’s a six hour course broken down into sections. I still find myself going back to it to look information up. SO helpful, everyone should buy this!”


“I love this course. I bought a CreativeLive course and kept falling asleep (literally) when I watched it. I bought this one and I'm so happy with it. It shows you exactly what you need to know to edit using the same tools that Meg uses in a clear and concise manner. I was extremely overwhelmed with photoshop and after just a short time I feel like I can get the results I'm after without spending hours and hours at the computer getting frustrated. Inwas lucky enough to get it on salebut even if it wasn't I would be super happy. It's worth every penny, on sale or not!!!”


“I’m only half way through and I have learned soooo much! It’s seriously amazing! I can’t wait to finish it!”


“I have learned so much about Photoshop from this video. I go back and watch it often and each time I learn something new. Perfect for the beginner or advanced user.”


“It's amazing! Worth every penny, I was completely LOST when it came to photoshop. I could only use a few tools but after this course I'm now comfortable editing.”


“Very easy to understand, loved it!”


“Very thorough when it comes to learning photoshop. I went from avoiding it for years to zipping around like a pro.”


“I loved this course! I am a beginner to Photoshop. I have learned so much from this course!!! Ben is a great teacher! The course is easy to follow and very informative! Thank you so much!!!”


“Loved this so much! I am a beginner and he did an amazing job of explaining things in a way that made it so easy to follow and understand. I'm SO glad that I finally broke down and bought this. Definitely worth every penny spent!”


“This is perfect for a beginner. I bought Meg's other courses and edits first, and while I love the courses I realized that I needed Zero to Photoshop. I have watched about 75% so far. I think it is just what I needed to get started so I can follow Meg's edits. I plan on watching it many times to pick up on all of the instructions and tips. I feel it will be a good resource for some time. It will help you you photoshop in general, but also explains tips on how to follow Meg's edits when she is editing quickly.”


“Loved this. I wasn’t a beginner, but still picked up some tips.”


“This video really taught me a lot of techniques in photoshop I knew nothing about. I am so glad I purchased this after being hesitant for some time. Ben explains everything so well in this video, so even if you think you know “everything” it’s still worth buying because I’m positive there are things in this video you are unaware of and the techniques come in handy.”


“An extremely helpful tool to build understanding of photoshop that gives clear instructions and an easy to follow along workflow”


“Having spent enormous amounts of time and money in college classes ... imagine how amazing it is to have EVERYTHING click. Minutes compared to weeks and months. Minimal dollars compared to hundreds or thousands. The Zero classes break it down in a simple way that is easily understood no matter your level... beginner or advanced. DO IT.”


“I am used to watching tutorials on youtube to learn more about photography. They are for free of course. But so far I haven't watched any that compares with this one. I had my doubts while purchasing the workshop but now I know it was worth every penny and I will be back for more! Thanks Meg and Ben!”


“I just finished watching Zero to Photoshop and I am amazed. I am a proficient PS user, I bought it on sale and there were definitely many tips that will make my workflow so much more simple. Thank you Meg and Ben!”


“Wonderful purchase. Ben is very easy to follow and does a great job with explaining the topics.”


“Very informative and super easy to follow along with. Worth every penny.”


“This is super helpful for anyone knew to Photoshop. Ben does a great job of explaining things and he gives great examples!”


“Awesome workshop, loved it!”