Zero to Lightroom

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This is the PERFECT place to start if you want to learn Lightroom. Renowned instructor Ben Willmore using Meg Bitton’s images.

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Zero to Lightroom

Do you want to get started with Lightroom? Have you been using Lightroom for years? Wherever you are on the path to mastering Lightroom, this is the course for you. This course, with renowned Photoshop & Lightroom instructor Ben Willmore using Meg Bitton’s images, has been designed to be the first place to start if you want to learn Lightroom. This course covers everything you need to know about Lightroom to get started, and to use it effectively!

This course includes eleven lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Zero to Lightroom (Introduction)
  • Lesson 2: Importing
  • Lesson 3: Library Essentials
  • Lesson 4: Develop Essentials
  • Lesson 5: Photoshop Roundtripping
  • Lesson 6: Exporting
  • Lesson 7: Advanced Adjustments
  • Lesson 8: Tools
  • Lesson 9: Organize
  • Lesson 10: Printing
  • Lesson 11: Tips and Tricks

Go from Zero to Lightroom and learn the best ways to process and organize your images for the best and most efficient results. Along the way from Zero to Lightroom, you’ll learn how to import and organize your images; polish your photos and make adjustments to them; and optimize your workflow, including exporting, printing, and troubleshooting. This course includes approximately SEVEN hours of instruction. Go from Lightroom Zero to Lightroom Hero and take your images to a whole new level! The adventure starts here!

9 Reviews for Zero to Lightroom

“Like Meg, I am MUCH more comfortable in PS and love all that PS can do. However, I am wanting to learn LR to try bulk editing more quickly (for my real estate photography business). This is a great intro course into Lightroom as I am pretty much starting from scratch with it. I also subscribe to Ben's Masters Academy course which is an AMAZING tutorial resource. The price is reasonable and the videos are great. Ben is the best when it comes to PS and LR knowledge and explaining it. He also responds well to questions. So grateful for him!”

— JAN P.

“I opened light room once when I got the new photoshop as it was bundled with it, and I had no idea! So I closed it! Sorting and editing was taking far too much time, and someone mentioned how easy Lightroom makes it. So I bought this in the sale, and it sat there! I was editing and my pics stunk when I uploaded to Facebook, so I ordered a colour monkey and sent my PC for repairs. While waiting I decided to give it another go. I have watched all of this, done of it twice, and I can’t believe how much I have learnt. And how easy Ben makes it. I watch about 45 min a day on my treadmill, and I have put all 46,000 images in the catalogue! I now feel ready to start sorting, renaming, getting rid of duplicates and basically making my life easier! Since watching overshooting I’ve got better at it, but I still have folders that need to be seriously cut down, and it’s o overwhelming. Lightroom makes it soooo much easier. When I got zero to photoshop I paid full price and it was worth every cent, and so is this one, (actually all the workshops are value for money, but we all love a sale!) ifyou have the patience when you start I strongly advise starting here, it makes photoshop look less daunting too, but mainly if you understand this, it just makes editing and sorting your whole library so much easier. I’d give it 10 stars if I could. Cheers”


“Excellent Video. Very thorough, and although I have been using Lightroom for quite some years, I learned so much. Thank you. I highly recommend this tutorial for anyone who wants to brush up on all the spectacular things in Lightroom.”


“I’ve been using LR for a couple of years in my own basic way because I didn’t really understand how to utilise it the way it is designed to be used. What a great tutorial, I’ve only got as far as the importing tutorial and have had several lightbulb moments already. Lots still to learn, this is a very comprehensive learning resource and I can thoroughly recommend it if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of LR. I’ve already learned time saving techniques on importing and creating catalogues and look forward to learning more.”


“Great tutorial! I have been dreading learning lightroom but Ben's lessons were easy to follow and understand. This was a great purchase and I highly recommend it! Thankyou.”


“I have always been so overwhelmed by Photoshop that I never dreamed I could learn both PS and Lightroom. It was so easy to understand simply by watching Ben explain and show you what he's doing (and why). I love his teaching methods and simple understanding. I've read so much information and watched endless You tubes and even after all of those days and endless hours... I never felt I really got it. I am so glad I purchased this because everything made perfect sense when Ben taught it here. Thank you!”


“Awesome workshop!! Very informative, easy to understand, and follow along with!! Ben gives a complete understanding of ALL parts of Lightroom. Thank you!”


“I bought Lightroom years ago when it first came out and I have NEVER liked it or figured out why or how to use it. I've read books and watched tutorials from experts, etc. I was kind of skeptical about this, but since I've been so pleased with everything else I've bought from Meg and I've learned so much from ALL of Ben Willmore's Zero to XYZ's, I thought I'd give it one more go. No wonder I have never figured it out. I was treating it like other programs and it's not. That little bit during the Intro made much more sense to me and I'm very glad I purchased this. I haven't gone through all seven hours of the tutorial, but I can't wait to learn more about this program. If you've ever tried figuring out LR on your own and it just didn't make sense except for applying some presets to your images and maybe using some brushes, you need to buy this! He makes it so easy to understand and walks you step-by-step on how and why from setting up to importing..and that's as far as I've gotten...LOL but I'm sure the rest will be just as informative! Thanks again for a great learning tool!”


“I've been using lightroom to import, organize and edit photos since it came out and I always thought I had a pretty good handle on it, its always seemed pretty easy to me.. but Zero to Lightroom is blowing my mind on how much faster and even easier I could have been doing it all these years. Definitely my favorite purchase so far and I highly recommend it to everyone! Thank you!”