Zero to Levels

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Watch me edit two images using Levels. Then, join Ben and learn to understand the tools I used, including Levels, Adjustment Layers, Masks and more.

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Zero to Levels

I have repeatedly said that I do not teach Photoshop, I teach possibility and vision. I have come to realize that many photographers need help to learn to edit their images effectively. So, I brought in Ben Willmore, author of over a dozen Photoshop books. Ben has literally taught hundreds of thousands of people how to use Photoshop, and has even been inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.

Ben watched how I edit with Levels and figured out what you all really needed to understand about the tools in order to make my classes as effective as possible. Join Ben as he uses my images to demonstrate how to understand and use Levels, masks, adjustment layers and more. He’ll also cover how Levels relates to Curves and color correction.

This class will become your go to class for understanding how to adjust your images with Levels.

7 Reviews for Zero to Levels

“This is a great lesson Ben! So easy to understand and so informative, its sure is going to change my way to use levels, and curves =)! Thank you!”


“You are an excellent teacher Ben! This is easy to understand and I loved it, thank you!”


“Great video, I have used levels for years, but you explained so much more than I knew! Thank you!”


“Once again - easy and well explained. Like somebody said before, even when English is not your mother tongue, it's easy to understand. Thank you Ben.”


“Easy to understand. Excellent teacher. Thank you so much!”


“I love love love your tutorials! So easy to understand even for those like me with English being a second language. You are my favorite! There is not enough stars on rating scale. :) Thank you, Ben!”


“Amazing as always Ben! Such a great explanation of the levels tool - incredibly informative!”