Zero to Composite

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Zero to Composite

Have you always wanted to learn more about how to create digital composites? Do you know the basics but want to learn even MORE?

In Zero to Composite, you will take a digital background, and learn how to composite into it to make it look like the elements were together all along! Shadows, color, skin tone…it is all in there! Get started NOW!

7 Reviews for Zero to Composite

“This video is full of great information! Ben does an awesome job of explaining everything thoroughly! I highly recommend it!”


“Just one more review from me....I was saved by something I learned in this that had nothing to do with composites. Had a beach session and mom's shirt got soaked, then she wanted another pic of her and her daughter and wanted me to make her shirt dry! Ben for the save!! So easy to do but I never would have been able to get it to look right with just cloning. Thank you, guys!!! Always something great to learn!”


“Ben is a PS master and so easy to learn from. THIS is a must! You will learn so much more than you can imagine. I love every Zero to...series. If you want to up your PS game...get them!”


“THE BEST- I am Only an Hour in & Have Gained SO MUCH INFORMATION & INSPIRATION- People, You Have GOT to WATCH THIS IN DEPTH INSTRUCTION!!! Thanks Ben!!! <3”


“This really is an amazing video. Have followed Ben for years and he never disappoints with videos FULL of useful information. For compositing, this is an essential addition to your training. So glad I was able to purchase it (thank you Meg for your sales!). It is well worth the time and money!”

— JAN P.

“Best tutorial purchase. I learnt so much, not just about compositing, but also about some PS tools that I hadn't used before, or different uses for them. Ben is a great teacher and is so easy to follow and understand, even more with english not being my first language, but he speaks at the perfect pace and using simple terms. Thanks for this tutorial.”

— KAY C.

“Best video so far. Honestly, I learned so much from this video. I have watched so many of these composite videos, but none were as in depth, and as good as the tips and advice that Ben has given me. Worth every penny. Great job and thank you.”