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Zero to Camera

Have you ever wondered what that little button on your camera body is used for? Would you like to understand better how depth of field relates to aperture? You will learn these concepts and SO much more from renowned instructor Ben Willmore in Zero to Camera!

Ben walks you through the basics of using your camera body, from attaching a lens to where to install a remote. Every base is covered, and you will walk away from this workshop more confident in using your equipment and producing quality images! This workshop includes over FOUR hours of instructional content, and no one is better qualified to teach you Zero to Camera than Ben!

Zero to Camera includes tours of THREE different camera body brands-Canon, Nikon AND Sony!

1 Reviews for Zero to Camera

“This is very comprehensive. It all but instructs you how to take the camera out of the box! If you hate reading your manual, and/or want to learn some cool tips and tricks, this will be worth your time!”