Zero to Camera

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Zero to Camera

Have you ever wondered what that little button on your camera body is used for? Would you like to understand better how depth of field relates to aperture? You will learn these concepts and SO much more in Zero to Camera!

Learn the basics of using your camera body, from attaching a lens to where to install a remote. Every base is covered, and you will walk away from this workshop more confident in using your equipment and producing quality images! This workshop includes over FOUR hours of instructional content!

Zero to Camera includes tours of THREE different camera body brands-Canon, Nikon AND Sony!

8 Reviews for Zero to Camera

“Thank you so much Ben, I just purchased a 7-200 2.8 and didn't know how to get that depth of field you were talking about 30 minutes in I am amazed :D I learned how to use my lens!! :D”


“Great video! A must for someone starting out!”


“I thought I knew my Nikon D750 camera inside and out. Boy was I wrong. This comprehensive course covered in detail many of menu settings. Ben went over the most important points that are necessary to capture sharp images. The best part was that he showed how he would set it in three different cameras, the Canon, Nikon, and Sony. This course left me feeling more confident. I am now better prepared to move my skills to the next level. The tips and tricks were an added bonus. Thank you for another winner. I can't recommend it enough.”


“I purchased this thinking it would be helpful in teaching my 7 year old a few basics. He is creative and interested in learning. I was amazed at just how much I got out of watching it. I believe you can always learn something new no matter how much you think you know, and this course is a perfect example. If you are thinking this is too basic for you, think again! It is well worth the investment and time.”


“Great video. I've been a photographer for over 10 years, and I love how Ben goes over different camera brands, and things specific to each of them. Also, I learned to tips for extra sharp focus and how to program & use back button focus as well. Very comprehensive. I would definitely recommend this to both new and seasoned photographers that maybe don't know about all the options and features their camera may offer.”


“I am so impressed with all of the information Ben goes over! I needed all of this information. He is a great teacher and so easy to listen to! This is a great video to buy! I have recently had some issues with blurry photos and the information he goes over helped with the issue.”


“EXCELLENT! People new to photography ask what they should start with - I highly recommend this being one of the first courses! It's also an excellent resource for those not very familiar with their camera. Ben has a way to teaching where anyone can follow and understand. He covers everything from aperture & shutter speed to DSLR vs Mirrorless; with great tips and tricks! As Stephanie said above, he pretty much covers everything except how to take the camera out of the box!”

— JUN K.

“This is very comprehensive. It all but instructs you how to take the camera out of the box! If you hate reading your manual, and/or want to learn some cool tips and tricks, this will be worth your time!”