Zero to Color Theory

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Learn to simplify and use the concepts of color theory to transform your images from blah to wow!

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Zero to Color Theory

I have repeatedly said that I do not teach Photoshop, I teach possibility and vision. I have come to realize that many photographers need help to learn to edit their images effectively. So, I brought in Ben Willmore, author of over a dozen Photoshop books. Ben has literally taught hundreds of thousands of people how to use Photoshop, and has even been inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.

In this video, Ben will simplify the basic concepts of color, and how these concepts relate to Photoshop. You will also learn how to incorporate these concepts into your own workflow and adjust your images accordingly. Ben also explains how light and shadows can work to your advantage or disadvantage while shooting.

Color theory is such an integral part of photography, and this course simplifies the ideas, processes and concepts behind the theory to help your work grow by leaps and bounds!

3 Reviews for Zero to Color Theory

“I've never watched a video by Ben and not had an 'ah ha' moment! Thank you, Ben, for making so much sense out of what can often be considered as complicated!”


“I have used photoshop for years and really thought I knew it well, but this has just blown my mind with how much there is I could still learn. Excellent informative and practical, thank you :-)”


“This is incredible. I so enjoy Ben's way of explaining and teaching. When the new "zero to" items were released, this was honestly not at the top of my list of items to buy. On a whim, while Meg was doing a live Q&A, I asked her what I should get. Color theory, she said. So I did. And my mind has been blown! I am getting ready to watch it again, with a notebook, and with photoshop open, so that I can practice and take notes. Thank you Meg & Ben, I cannot recommend this enough.”