Your Truth


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Your Truth

A decade ago, I started 2 week online workshops, and one of them has returned. I am offering a 2 week class, with daily video critique and photo assignment. Each image submitted, 10 total, will be critiqued on every aspect of it. I speak the truth. This class has TEN participants ONLY and will teach you more than you can imagine. These workshops renew lack of direction and creativity and are geared towards the individual. The shooting assignments will be different for each person. I will be editing your images throughout the two weeks and I will record as I do.

Your Truth runs from June 6-17th in a dedicated private group. The link to the group will be provided after your spot is purchased.

I am NOT online during the weekends, but you are welcome to post and correspond with other participants during these times!

I promise, you will leave with your images looking how you see the world. Are you ready to see Your Truth?