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The Vision of Editing 2021

From artist Jessica Hatlen
5 reviews

Course Details

Jessica Hatlen creates the most magical composite imagery! The Vision of Editing 2021 includes ONE editing tutorial from Jessica per month over the course of the year.

2021 is going to be a wonderful year! Will you be joining Jessica on her new journey of beautiful creating and editing?

Product Reviews

5 total reviews
Watching Jessica’s videos is the highlight of my month. I am always left inspired to create.
You amaze me with every edit!!!! In the beginning I am always like how is that going to look right!!!! Truly you are an artist and I love watching you create!!!
Gorgeous edit, I enjoy watching Jessica paint a masterpiece with Photoshop layers and her imagination, so inspiring!
This was an amazing edit. Each time I watch a video that Jessica does, I pick up brushes and backgrounds that I need. She puts everything into perspective. Thank you. Can't wait to try an underwater one sometime soon.
Amazing art! I probably should have purchased the zero to composite first, this is totally out of my comfort zone. Such an amazing video.
– AMY W.