The Video Game Kit

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The Video Game Kit

The Video Game Kit!!!

Backgrounds, overlays and MORE surprises will be included in this amazing kit themed towards everything gaming!

Create your own magical video game themed composites with the elements that will make up this magical kit!

The download purchase receives a personal use license. This means that the content is only for your own, individual educational use. Sharing or otherwise providing content from within the download is not considered personal use. All intellectual property within the download is owned by Meg Bitton Productions.

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1 Reviews for The Video Game Kit

“Just a cell phone shot that I took prior to getting the kit (so the lighting and posing could have been better of the subjects had i had this kit before the photo was taken)...still a fun use of the kit and the kids love being in a video game. kit comes with three separate backgrounds and some really cool video game overlay additions to add to the fun, like the famous pickaxe from fortnite.....the kids are obsessed with video games now so this is a really fun kit. Also includes textures and brushes that i didn't use yet. I will definitely be using this kit again now that I know what's in here and can plan the photos better of the subject, regarding lighting and facial expressions/posing.”