How To Use Our Digital Products

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How To Use Our Digital Products

Included are quick and easy video tutorials from Sarah Morris detailing how to use our Digital Products! Sarah walks you through everything from the basics of downloading and installing actions and presets to masking and creating your own brushes and actions!

There are NO digital products included in this bundle.

  • Download and Unzip Basics
  • Installing Actions
  • Installing Presets
  • Installing and Using Brushes
  • Installing and Using Overlays
  • Installing and Using Shoot Throughs
  • Using Textures
  • Changing Brush Colors
  • Layering Shoot Throughs
  • Changing Shoot Throughs
  • Organizing Actions in the Actions Palette
  • Organizing Your Digital Product Purchases
  • Changing Texture Colors
  • Using Layer Masks
  • Using Brushes with Curves
  • How To Make a Brush
  • Writing Your Own Actions
  • Copying Layer Masks
  • Using Overlays and Blending Modes
  • Detail Color Pop

**This bundle consists of short videos using still images as the points of discussion.

5 Reviews for How To Use Our Digital Products

“This was incredibly helpful! Thank you!!!!”


“Very helpful collection of video tutorials!!! Glad to have it to refer back to when needed.”


“Super helpful!”


“One of the best tutorials yet! Well worth the money!”


“Incredibly helpful! Learned many things in this tutorial”