Tips and Techniques

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Tips and Techniques

This is a collection of 19 short videos that Meg has put together to provide you with some quick tips and techniques on how she creates her images as she shoots. Included are:

  • Where to Place Subject & Backdrop
  • Feathering Light
  • One Light Modifier
  • Using Highlighter
  • Glasses Glare
  • Using Different Focal Lengths
  • Environments With Lots of Lines
  • Diagonal Lines
  • Portraits at Different Focal Lengths
  • Posing
  • Angles
  • Blocking Parts of an Image
  • Walls as Leading Lines
  • Creating Dimension With Something White
  • Props in Environment
  • Props in Environment Framing Elements
  • Creating Movement
  • Using Reflectors
  • Environment to Frame Subject

15 Reviews for Tips and Techniques

“I love to be able to learn so many tricks in such a short amount of time...and it is easy to go back and rewatch them every now and again.”


“Little simple tips that make extraordinary differences.”


“The are awesome! I love that I can find answers to specific questions quickly, and get short and to the point reminders on my way out to sessions. So much info for new and experienced photographers!”


“Gosh, I love these! I only wish they existed 3 years ago - every question answered in short, concise videos. No fluffy filler, just perfect. And even if you think you know your stuff you don’t have to invest an hour of your time to get a golden nugget of advice. Jump in, you won’t regret it!”

— ANN J.

“This was fantastic!!! Can't wait to watch the other one!”


“These little snippets were so amazing! I love the quick tips with framing and angles! Love them all!!”


“This is one of the best purchases I have ever bought. I learned techniques I have never heard of. They are short and to the point. This a must buy for any level of photography.”


“What a comprehensive set of tips and tricks! Some new things, some reminders, but most importantly short and to the point so you can refer back to them as often as you need. These are a great addition to my growing library of Meg's teachings.”


“This is definitely worth the package, very informative and helpful. And a good quick refresher to get that Ah-ha! during sessions. Loved it!”


“Amazing! I have been learning from Meg for 7 years and I still learned some new things! These tips are so great and at such a great price!”


“WOW! These are really great ??. I bought these 1....because the opening price was great and 2 .....because I get everything from Meg I can however, I wasn’t all that sure of the content after reading the description. It seemed they would be to short to be all that helpful. Boy was I WRONG! They are awesome! Great information given in a manner that is clear and easy to follow and organize in a very straightforward way. WORTH EVERY PENNY! Thanks Meg another hit!”


“These are amazing! love the simple and to the point instruction that a beginner like myself can follow. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE. Thank you Meg.”


“This finely curated bundle is so packed full of information! They’re perfect as refreshers for seasoned professionals, a first time MBL purchase, or just to Have around to watch before going out on a shoot to get the creative juices flowing. It’s well worth the money. I even learned something about focal lengths and how portraiture is impacted, and I’ve been at this a while and taken lots of MBL classes. If you’re a first time meg buyer, this is a great starter and demonstration of her offerings!”


“I absolutely loved watching these! They were short and sweet with lots of info packed in. I lose focus easily and these kept my attention because of how fast paced they were. Everyone needs these in their collection!”


“Loved them! Wonderfully done videos that are very informative and to the point (so thankful for that, what mom has time to waste on fluff?!). I think people at any experience level could learn something from each of these.”