Tips and Techniques: Styling on a Budget


Tips and Techniques: Styling on a Budget

You asked and we answered – here is our first collection of Tips & Techniques Editing Basics! Included are quick and easy techniques to help you quickly and easily styling your subjects, on a budget!

Each one of these videos explains in simple details some of the easiest ways to save money and still style beautifully!


In this bundle:

  • Thrifting
  • Learning to sew
  • Wrapping Fabric
  • Pins, trims, fake flowers
  • TARGET, WALMART are all secret weapons. It’s not where you buy the clothing, it is learning a style. Jeans and t shirt are always jeans and t shirts, its how you use accessories
  • ALWAYS have a stretchy ribbed tanks on hand.
  • Bridal
  • Anything you see that you like but can afford can be found at amazon. Exactly the same? No. Accessorized, perfect.
  • Using your own clothing
  • Shoes
  • Boys
  • Grey clothing
  • Shopping Etsy
  • Leg Warmers
  • Layers
  • Couture Copies
  • Letting your individuality show
  • Renting
  • Tank tops