Tips and Techniques: Studio

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Tips and Techniques: Studio

This is a collection of 19 short videos that Meg has put together to provide you with some quick tips and techniques on creating beautiful studio images. Included are:

  • Using negative space in detail images
  • Using a reflector
  • Working with garage light
  • Natural Outdoor lighting and using backdrops outdoors
  • Using a phone in studio
  • Preventing “black curtain” issues in studio
  • Natural light settings in studio
  • Using apple boxes and creating triangles
  • Shooting product images in studio
  • Shooting with a backdrop on the floor in studio
  • Photographing detail images in studio
  • Using garage fall off light to create studio images

3 Reviews for Tips and Techniques: Studio

“Excellent tips and edits, thanks”


“The last edit was amazing to me. So many great tips and techniques packed into bite-size videos.”


“Best tips and techniques collection. Includes several scenarios from flash, to natural light, to continuous light — and also included 7 editing videos. Loved it”

— KIM A.