PRESALE Tips and Techniques: Gradients

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PRESALE Tips and Techniques: Gradients

You asked and we answered – here is our first collection of Tips & Techniques using Gradients! Included are quick and easy techniques for how to solve some of those small editing issues to help you achieve a beautifully magical finish.

Each one of these videos shows how to use gradients to enhance your images, fix problems areas, and even create stars and rainbows!


In this bundle:

  • Gradient Basics
  • Adding Sun
  • Creating Fog
  • Airy Indoors-Removing Distracting Elements Indoors
  • Dark Outdoors-Removing Distracting Elements Outdoors
  • Creating Stars
  • Softening Grass
  • Sunset Skies
  • Day to Night
  • Stretching Backgrounds in Studio
  • Creating Texture-like Gradients
  • Creating Sparkles
  • Using Gradients With Patterned Backdrops
  • Using Gradients For Headshots
  • Using Gradients in Newborn Work
  • Creating Light in Forest Edits
  • Creating Rainbows
  • Softening Sand
  • White Vignettes

This is a PRESALE for Tips and Techniques: Gradients, which will be released on Monday, October 26th at 8pm EST.