Tips and Techniques Editing Bundle

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Tips and Techniques Editing Bundle Includes:

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Tips and Techniques Editing Bundle

You asked and we answered – here is our first collection of Tips & Techniques for Editing! Included are quick and easy techniques for how to solve some of those small editing issues to help you achieve a polished finish.

In this bundle:

  • Changing Clothing Color
  • Reflected Color Cast
  • One Step Skin Smoothing
  • Adding a Bit of Color
  • Adding Some Haze
  • Taking Out the Modifier
  • Creating a Symmetrical Background
  • Extending a Canvas
  • Soft Colored Vignette
  • Creating a Spotlight
  • Adjusting a Gaze
  • No More Banding
  • Dramatic Eyes
  • Add Light With Dodge & Burn
  • How to Use a Brush
  • How to Create a Text Watermark
  • How to Create an Action

3 Reviews for Tips and Techniques Editing Bundle

“Truly a treasure trove of information! I can't say enough about this set. It's like cliffsnotes for photography!”


“Meg..... you are the BEST! I just love all your workshops. I just wanted tot thank you for everything you have taught me!”


“This bundle is AMAZING!! Whether you've watched a million edits and can't quite remember where to find specific techniques, or if you haven't watched any and just want the quick specific info to make major changes to your images, it's all here. This is a must-have for sure.”