Tips and Techniques: Composites

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Tips and Techniques: Composites

Have you always wanted to learn how to create beautiful composite work? Join composite artist Jessica Hatlen as she walks you through 19 short, informative videos that will help you learn essential basics to creating composites!

Included in this Tips & Techniques Package are:

  • Adding reflections to water
  • Blending your subjects into grass
  • Handling distant objects
  • HDR Illustrated Effect
  • How to use curves to create a matte effect
  • How to create your own light rays
  • How to create realistic flames
  • Image clean up
  • Layer grouping for organization
  • Masking your subject for blending
  • Organizing stock images
  • Saving your own stock images
  • Shadows on concrete
  • Sizing your subject
  • Subject selection
  • Using opacity for subject blending
  • Using smart objects
  • Using clipping masks
  • Using distort to modify pictures in frames

9 Reviews for Tips and Techniques: Composites

“Wow! So much useful stuff in these very short but powerful videos! I never understood the purpose or value of a smart object until Jessica explained it! This Tips and Techniques product will definitely be one of my Go-To's for when I am doing any kind of compositing!”


“Jessica nails it. Short video's getting right to the point on some solid basics you need for compositing plus some of the ones you didn't know you needed. 100% a great set of Tips and Techniques for your MB Library.”


“Fantastic set of tips! Very helpful.”


“excellent information, I feel comfortable to try a composite again!! Amazing tips in here for sure.”


“Packed full of really useful information. Absolutely 100% worth the money, I learned so much!”




“Loved These Tips & Techniques!! I Have Seen Others Simulate the Same Ideas & Made Them Complicated... Jessica Cuts Out The BS & Gives You a More Simplified Route Towards the Same Masterful Results! <3 Loved This Tutorial & Highly Recommend It!! Big THANK YOU & KUDOS to Jessica Hatlen !!”


“Quick and easy to follow. I needed a refresher on compositing so I thought I would give this a shot. I learned some short cuts to things that I had been doing the hard way for so long!”


“Great tips for compositing!”