Tips and Techniques: In Action

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Tips and Techniques: In Action

This is a collection of 19 short videos that Meg has put together to provide you with some quick tips and techniques and one editing video on how she creates her images as she shoots. Included are:

  • Hairlight
  • Catchlights
  • Neck Extension
  • How to Prevent Claw-Like Hands
  • Posing Two Subjects
  • How to Create Fake Tears
  • Complementary Colors
  • Toy Collecting
  • Styling
  • Anchoring Your Subject in Their Environment
  • How to Capture Jumping
  • Importance of Creating Triangles
  • Using a Bicycle and Capturing its Motion
  • Shooting with Headlights
  • Using Hula Hoops and Nailing Focus
  • Proper Posing With Subject Lying Down
  • Shooting in Streetlight
  • Photographing Toys in Beautiful Backlight

7 Reviews for Tips and Techniques: In Action

“Tips and techniques are my favorites bc they’re short and sweet while containing tons of practical skills. I always learn a bunch in these and there isn’t any extra fluff to wade through. And love the quick edits at the ends.”


“Thank you for all the tips and techniques. They are huge help in getting me to remember the little things I would't other wise think of. I feel like I am growing so much since finding you. Thank you again.”


“Of course another awesome class! (one of like 12 I have) I always remember Meg saying--- face the light /tip your face up toward the light. It has saved me a lot!!!!”


“Megs segments are short, and concise. The tips can be put into practice immediately. Thanks for sharing tips to take my creative photography to the next level.”


“Great tips. Sometimes you just need these tips to get you to the next level”

— EVA N.

“My first lesson from Meg and I look forward to many many more! Not sure if she mentioned what lens she was using but since I am new to portrait work I am curious...”


“Lots of good tidbits. Was able to watch the entire bundle while drinking my morning coffee. Thanks Meg.”