The Three Hour Magic One Light Workshop – December 14

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The Three Hour Magic One Light Workshop – December 14

“I learned more from Meg in 20 minutes than a 3 day workshop I attended”-Sarah S.

Welcome to  The Three Hour Magic Workshop in Studio with One Light.

I think the notion of traveling for a quantity of time means nothing. Travel for the quality. If you want your head filled with EVERYTHING I have to teach, including shooting and have it weave in with EDITING AND FEEDBACK because we are able to provide you with exceptional quality corresponding online education, this will be for you.

Also, it is for me too, because time is precious. Let’s nourish ourselves with quality experiences.

Join me for three hours on December 14th, 2019 in Cresskill New Jersey..

1 hour of discussion, 2 hours of shooting, discussion, imagination, and collaboration. Model (s) styled by my team. You have to TRUST ME.

Transportation to and from location is provided. Light lunch is provided.

Two edits of your choice will be added to your account and I will provide feedback in your own workshop group on an ongoing basis for two weeks after the date of the workshop.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn EXACTLY what it takes to get the beautiful magical images you desire.

In the event of rain, I will provide a rain date. Or we will discuss shooting inside.  Once you have made your purchase, there are no refunds.

See you there!!!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a FIRST time, NEW workshop offering and is being offered at HALF the price of 2020 pricing.

1 Reviews for The Three Hour Magic One Light Workshop – December 14

“Loved everything about it!!!!”