The Workshop


Join me for my ultimate Classic Workshop. Studio, Forest, City! This one has it ALL!

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The Workshop

Join me as I return to my roots with this Classic FULL Workshop. See how we shoot in Classic Meg Bitton Locations! Studio, full sun in the forest, in the street, on the sidewalk and what goes on when the lights go down. Watch as I work with my favorite models who are featured in SIX different looks. Technical discussions, spiritual discussions. Posing, composition, styling, lighting, confidence. We did it! IT IS ALL HERE. If you can only buy one workshop today, make THIS the one! Whether you are getting in the process of learning with me, or are a long time student, this workshop is the one that will take you where you want to go. Join me for a workshop that is my Everything.

20 Reviews for The Workshop

“Wow, wow!! This is just an incredible workshop that everyone who wants to learn a lot of necessary stuff about photography should buy. I don't feel like walking the NYC streets taking pictures with all this beautiful ladies, but I'm glad that I could acquire Megan's knowledge from the comfort of my house. (Sorry about my broken English)”


“There were parts of this that really touched me. It's 2 am AGAIN and for the third night in a row, I'm still not sleeping because I just can't stop watching your videos. The Workshop is my favourite to date... I realised, it's okay for us to explore the side of ourselves and the emotions society wants us to keep hidden because it's uncomfortable. We're always expected to smile. I'm never going to ask someone to put an expression on their face that's not happening naturally ever again.”


“Loved this! I envision myself shooting in these different scenario but need the courage and permission to do so! I also need the validation that what I do is "good enough". Thank you Meg!”


“FABULOUS! Thank you so much for the last session and the reminder to shoot for yourself. I've been so focused on everyone else and trying to improve my craft I completely let this slip away. I need to work on some projects for me to really tap into my creativity and that side I don't show.”


“I loved this workshop, I wish I had purchased it as a first purchase. There is just so much covered to give an insight into each lighting situation. It gave me an understanding of HOW a particular lighting situation could be shot in. I always find myself finding reasons not to shoot "its too this, its too that" but Meg shows theres a way to shoot in every light.”


“Loved it wish it went over settings more in the forest. I learned some new things. I really enjoyed it. Thank you,”


“Meg, you are AMAZING! LOVED it! soo happy I invested in this. Posing in relation to light has always been my weakness! will watch these over and over. Looking forward to letting my inner self out and exploring what I love. Thank you for the permission to give myself permission <3 Love what you do and you will love what you see! SL”


“Probably my favorite one yet! Loved it!”


“Probably my favorite yet!”


“The Workshop is perfect for all of us who are struggling to find our place, and our vision - there's a little of everything, so many different lighting and posing scenarios, so many variables that I think it's impossible for something in there not to speak to everyone, and to help us realize a lot of possibilities and potential in what we see and what we dream of creating. The discussion is, as always, so much more than just talking about photography - you'll think a lot about the how, but most importantly, about your why. The Workshop doesn't teach everything - you won't just watch it and be able to master the studio/forest/urban/everything - but it has a million helpful reminders and tips and is a great starting place, or a great refining place, no matter where you are on your journey. Whether you own all of the others, or none of Meg's Workshops, this one is worth buying!”


“What is your calling, what is your purpose? The timeless question. Meg your are a phenomenal photographer. However, teaching photography is your calling, your positive, supportive, raw encouragement. The manner in which you explain photography, light, posing is conducive to learning. All of that is why I keep buying more, I can't get enough Meg. I have been buying your workshops, & videos for about 8 months, and I believe I'm going to find my voice in photography.”


“Amazing! I loved everything about this workshop, especially the last ten minutes. I will try to shoot more for me now. We all have stories that we can incorporate into our images. Thank you for showing us that. I loved Erin's honesty and Meg's message to her. Thank you for showing us how we can go deeper with our images and allow us to be comfortable with who we are as photographers and with other aspects of our lives.”


“This was a fabulous workshop! As always your an amazing teacher Meg. I’ve watched lots of Meg’s workshops and they are all great. This one gave me my aha moment! Finally I’m going to give myself permission to shoot the things I want. To cherish the images that no one will ever see.”


“I am in love with this whole workshop. I learned so much, from lighting, posing, composition, connecting with your subject, and most of all always fulfill your needs and wants through your photography. Watching Meg really inspired me, and made me think about things that I would have never thought of before. Thank you Meg, what a true masterpiece.”


“I am always amazed at how much I learn from each workshop. This is another must have! Thank you!”


“Meg, this was outstanding. No, it was just fucking fantastic!!! That city session blew me away. And one thing that I really liked seeing was the models giggling and hearing their comments. I love that "behind the scenes" reality! AHHHHH!!! Cant wait to get out there and shoot!!! Thank you for this!!!”


“WOW... just wow. The ending at the wrap up, do you shoot and not show anyone. I actually gasped. I too am looking for validation and never shoot for me. I mean my subjects are sweet grandchildren and places that I visit but no, not just for me. I always wondered how you did those shots in the street. Thank you for the safety specifics of such a shot.”


“Tremendous workshop. I learned so much about how to use the light, position the subject, make the connection, and how to shoot for ME. It was wonderful watching Meg and her workflow; she makes it look so easy. Meg is a wonderful, patient, and kind teacher. Thank you Meg.”


“I appreciate your raw, transparent answers to “why” you are a photographer and how you express yourself. You openly share your insights and help others passionate about photography dig deeper within themselves, to grow and develop as a photographer. There’s freedom in knowing you don’t have to enjoy photographing all types of subjects, but rather to pursue what you most enjoy.”


“This workshop is amazing, it covers so much!”