The Toddler Sessions

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So many people tell me shooting toddlers is difficult. It does not have to be.

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The Toddler Sessions

From terrible to terrific!!

So many people tell me shooting toddlers is difficult. It does not have to be.

Watch me shoot EIGHT toddler mini sessions in this viewing workshop. I will be shooting my standard mini session format with boys, girls and twins from 2-4 years old.

I will show you how I engage, pose (yes pose!), employ the use of age appropriate simple props, wardrobe and edit these little ones. I will edit 2 images.

If you shoot toddlers, this is a must see.

All videos are lifetime access.

28 Reviews for The Toddler Sessions

“This is a wonderful workshop that I am so excited about. My children are the perfect age for this and I was hoping to love this and I so so love this. Thank you for being so real.”


“This is a fantastic collection that is a MUST HAVE for anyone working with little ones!”


“Honestly, as much as I love Meg's videos, this one left me exhausted and laughing at the same time. However, I feel like I have never learned as much as I have watching all of Meg's videos and edits. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are transparent, and honest, and I appreciate every minute you spend thinking about us....and teaching us.”


“I have loved all the workshops and editing classes I have purchased from Meg. But I have to say the toddler ones steal my heart. Meg's approach to photographing all children, and especially toddlers, is so relaxed. I love that she follows the lead of each child and doesn't feel the need to jump up and down to get them to look at her. I love seeing how she talks to them and gives them simple directions. Even the toddlers respond to her request, "Look at my Camera". I just photographed a 2 year old with his parents and small dog. I could hear myself saying to the parents, "let him go, he's fine" and asking him to look at my camera. I was so excited to find a great sturdy box and some wooden toys too, because I loved how Meg used them with her models. He sure had fun with those. Thank you Meg for all you do.”


“Fantastic collection of videos on dealing with littles and their big personalities! I have a 19 month old boy and I’ve used so many of the things I learned while shooting him, and even got great tips for my older, preschool aged son as well.”


“Fantastic! We got to see so many situations and ways to work with the littles. The edits at the end were great to. I learned so much about how to handle them and catch those shots. This may be one of my absolute favorites!”


“I really loved this workshop. It showed real toddlers with their unpredictable moods. There was so much variety in locations, skin tones and I was pleasantly surprised when Meg showed her editing process of 2 images at the end!”

— KIM S.

“I can't wait to apply some of these techniques. Be still my heart on these. The little boy that really wasn't feeling it, reminded me of my grandson. He's never into sitting still for photos.”


“Great workshop!! Meg demonstrates very helpful techniques on how to work with toddlers. She shows you how to capture natural and beautiful images of them. I love how she interacts with these kiddos!”


“Wow. Thank-you so much. There is so much information in this session. The most valuable piece of information you will learn from this workshop is how to connect with and direct your littlest clients.”


“I learned so much from this video about photographing toddlers. The best parts for me were the two edit videos of two of the images. She edited them so differently and they were both in the same spot, but he edits were so different. One had rich tones and dark colors and the other was light and airy. Both images were amazing!”


“Another chunk of great information to put into your bag of tricks. I always try to do something new with each shoot but I have realised that you can use the same location as the kids themselves can be posed and dressed differently enough and you can use more than one editing style. Nothing cuter than little kids dressed up! Thanks Meg.”


“This workshop was amazing! Gave me confidence to shoot one of the most difficult age groups I see.”


“I really like these real life workshops where it shows Meg working with actual sessions rather then models. They dont always just sit and behave, sometimes things go wrong, Models you can tell have done this before but regular kids can be more complicated! Some are up and some are down. Its really helpful to me, to see how others work with a client and work through a problem. Either an upset kiddo, an over excited kiddo, a kiddo who dosent want to pose or whatever! It really helps me see the interaction and get ideas for how i can better my interaction with kids even though i have 5 of my own kids!”


“Loving this so far... Very informative and a good demonstration of keeping the session quick.”


“This really helped me capture some great moments with my own toddler!”


“I have seen every class on here and this is in my top five. Not only do you get to see the various spots she uses and why but also how she interacts with a a variety of toddlers (age and temperament).”


“Loved it!! I've been wanting to purchase one of Megs videos but couldn't afford it. This one was on sale and I couldn't pass it up especially since I struggle with toddler session. For anyone who wants to know if it's worth the investment it definitely is. So much useful information that I will be applying to my future toddler sessions I can't wait to utilize. Thank you Meg”


“I have learnt so much from watching these Meg. They were all adorable but that pussycat - just devine!”


“so far loving it”


“This was awesome. I love the way you deal directly with the littles. Talking to them getting them to do what you want. Love your teaching techniques. You almost feel like you are there!”


“This was awesome. I love the way you deal directly with the littles. Talking to them getting them to do what you want. It's truly the obi wan effect! Oh noble master! LOL! Love your teaching techniques. You almost feel like you are there!”


“Fantastic!! Watching how Meg interacts with young ones is invaluable. So much great content!! Her techniques are easy to adapt to your own style. I'm so excited to get out and practice with some toddlers. So motivating and inspiring!!”


“This is a must have!!! Watching Meg in interacting with the toddlers is priceless!!”


“I have loved everything I have purchased so far from Meg!! This workshop made me so inspired to grab my three kiddos and start using some of her techniques. I loved the way she worked with the children and also her quick workflow. I will be doing my toddler mini sessions like this!!!”


“OH. MY. GOODERNESS. Olivia's session I was "awe"ing every 5 seconds. I really enjoyed this workshop. I took away so much and cannot wait to try the techniques myself! So much patience (:”


“I love, love, love this one. My grandkids are right in this age group, so it was helpful in that way. Full of great information, great ideas for working with young kids and some great laughs too. The little girl and the cat was wonderful! Meg, you never disappoint!”


“I can't wait!!!! <3”