The Sitter Sessions

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Sitters are such a great age group! Niki will show you the next stage of sessions after the newborn session.

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The Sitter Sessions

Sitters are such a great age group! Niki will show you the next stage of sessions after the newborn session. You can create beautiful simplicity with a few props and go to poses that will incorporate this milestone session into your workflow. Niki will show you how to light, pose, choose props and connect with your sitters so that you can continue creating for your clients.

13 Reviews for The Sitter Sessions

“Very helpful, especially to see how you handle a more fussy baby! I would love to know some of the places you get props and outfits!”


“Love this!! could you tell me which stand you use for your plm?”


“This workshop focuses on simple workflow and the poses, along with best angles. I loved the simplicity. This is really a perfect guide to those either starting and looking for a simple workflow that doesn't require spending a ton of money on props (you could also always use matural light and skip the lighting setup to save money) or for those looking to simplify their own process.”


“This was so helpful! Love the minimal props. Where did you get the bowls?? Can't wait to get more sitters!”


“Thank-you so much! Watching Niki work with the little girl was amazing. I really saw where I would have gotten frustrated and how I can change what I do to make for a much better, efficient, and happier session.”


“As always, great job, Nikki! I love your simple set ups and also your sweet, soft way with the babies. The biggest thing I am taking away from this is to not over stimulate baby. Previously I've had parents yelling and acting silly to get baby's attention and then I wasn't getting the eye contact that I wanted. I can't wait to get a sitter in my studio and try out your techniques!”

— PAM M.

“My cheeks hurt from smiling through all these videos! Sweet babies and lots of great tips and info throughout!”


“Excellent workshop to help with workflow. Great classic setups to work for boys and girls with minimal props that will look amazing on any family's walls. Niki also adds in some of her tips and tricks that I will definitely be trying to help out on my next sitter session!”


“This workshop just opened my eyes. It helped me to be more organized and create a workflow. I literally cut my session time for sitters in half.”


“This was fantastic. Niki as always gives lots of little tips and tricks as she goes through the sessions. These videos are an invaluable resource for any baby photographer, whether a veteran or new to the trade. I look forward to trying out her techniques!”


“Love this workshop! It was an eye opener with little ones. I also love how simple the sitter session is. Nikki walks you through here her workflow and its awesome!! This is a must workshop.”


“Loved this as I have a sitter myself and can’t wait to try what I learned on my baby. Lots of good information in this video!”


“This was SO helpful. I can't wait to apply this efficient workflow to my brand new photography business!”