The Magic in the Details


Join me in shooting the details I see every day. I will show you the process I use to bring the magical details to life.

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The Magic in the Details

Join me in 2017 on a journey to see the small things that have such a huge impact on the everyday. It is important to never forget that all the details make up the whole story.

Mid January you will be provided with a workshop video which will show me shooting the details I see in my everyday experiences. This workshop will include an editing segment.

Every month on the last day of the month, we will release a single image editing video which will include a short story about the image and I will show you the process I use to bring the detail to life.

I look forward to spending the year with you.

Everything in this offering is recorded with lifetime access.

32 Reviews for The Magic in the Details

“I didn't expect to love this as much as I did. I haven't picked up my camera for a long time. It's time to dust off the cobwebs, I've been inspired. I'm always worried what people think, I shoot what I think people want to see. Tomorrow I'm going out to shoot for me.”


“I''m not finished watching all of this video yet, but I am LOVING Magic in the Details!! I have learned so much about photography and editing. Meg is so inspirational and one day I will meet her in person! I'd rather watch Meg edit any day than watch television. Thank you, Meg!!”


“This is the best! You won't be disappointed! I loved everything about this series!!”


“I am so inspired after watching this! Thank you!!!”


“I loved this one! There was so much packed into it. Between this and soulful critique, they have inspired me and renewed my desire to shoot for myself not just for others. ?”


“Wonderful and inspirational! Loved everything about this ... looking at my surroundings with new eyes! Magical”


“Watched everything in one sitting. What a great series. Inspiring, innovative, it! Thank you.”


“The workshop was really great. I liked how Meg showed us how to look for light and how she sees it, using everyday objects to make beautiful images. But what I especially love are the monthly edits. She reminds us to STOP and SEE the beauty in the everyday things. Valuable lesson learned--especially in the May and June edits. Thank you, Meg.”


“One of my favorite workshops - the December edit was completely unexpected and I LOVED it. Thanks for sharing your soul Meg! Looking forward to 2018!”


“I love being able to see Meg's approach to photography. It's very liberating and reminds me of the creative side rather than the sometimes tedious business side of our profession. So refreshing! I adored all the edits she shared tough I would have liked to see her edit more of the images from the magic in the details video. Totally worth getting this class!!”


“This is very inspiring and love looking forward to the monthly idea and edit. I have found that I'm much less fearful of getting it all wrong when I edit these types of images and thus become way more creative. These types of images are just for me. I'm certain that thinking about the details will help me grow and find myself as a photographer.”


“I love love love this video. As someone who doesn't shoot a ton of children outside of my own this was an inspiration. I have been learning to find the light around me in ways that have nothing to do with people. ♥”


“I LOVED this series and I can not wait to get the Details At Home one as well :)!”


“Simly amazing...thank you meg”


“This brought me back to the exact reason I started photography..the details! Making something creatively beautiful out of ordinary readily available elements. I went out the next day and took a walk in the freezing Wisconsin weather on Thanksgiving and photographed the beauty as I saw things! Wow, do I feel alive and back to my roots!”


“Two words.... MIND BLOWING!!! I have a hard time seeing things "outside the box" I see people's pictures, and think "Why didn't I think of that!??!?" So, I bought this workshop to help me to think and see things in another perspective. I thought she would show us her photos, and her final image, and that is it. Little did I know that she shows you how to edit in detail! I was NOT expecting that. I learned so much as far as angles I never took into consideration. And now I know how to edit them too! Thank you so much Meg! This workshop ranks in the top must have workshops in anyone's collection! You will NOT be disappointed.”


“Wow this is so super awesome!! I'm in love with the possibilities that Magic In The Details teaches you!! I can't wait to start shooting tomorrow. This is a must have!!! Thanks so much Meg for inspiring me!!!”


“This has to be one of my favourite workshops Ive watched. So inspiring, Went out and shot many images as a result”


“Luv Luv Luv xxx”


“Wow! My favorite Meg video by far! Thank you for sharing your heart, soul, passion and knowledge with us! I loved every second of it! I can’t wait to make my own magic in my details! You inspire!”


“So glad to have watched this <3 A very good reminder to look for beauty around us and to take a breather for oneself. Meg is an sensational teacher, an inspiration and a guiding light!”


“I love this course but I love tiny little details. A single leaf, an apple hanging from the branch, I have always enjoyed the small little things. This class not only shows you how to capture them but how to do it in unique ways.”


“I love you, Meg! I'm having so much fun watching and listening to you. So inspiring, I can watch the same video over and over and I'll get so excited to grab my camera and go! Thank you so much! XOXO”


“Meg you are awe-inspiring. This workshop is fantastic and helps us all appreciate the little things in life.”


“I have learnt so much about the use of natural light in this workshop! Thank you for sharing Meg.”


“I loved this video and getting the inspiration to capture the details in my life happened within the first 10 minutes of the video. But I've also been reminded that it's not JUST how you shoot, but how you edit. Your images are never going to be exactly what you envision without applying your editing process in photoshop. And that was a great reminder for me when I get so stuck on what is coming out of the camera instead of what my finished images look like. A GREAT way to get inspiration to shoot the "Beauty in Your Everyday".”


“This one blew met mind ! It took me back to why I started shooting in the first place. Meg has made me "See" things differently and I have fallen in love with my camera all over again FOR ME, not to get paid Thank you Meg. I loved this !”


“Thank you for inspiring me to find beauty in the little things, the things most others wouldn't even notice. I'm itching to put it all together to complete the full story!”


“I love everything about The Magic in the Details..”


“I have looked forward to this workshop and it is more than I expected! Capturing the little details and small things around us each day documents our lives to future generations as a reminder that as a photographer we lived in each moment. Thank you again for teaching, sharing and encouraging others.”


“There are so many things I loved about The Magic in the Details. What I loved most is Meg's authenticity in the way she shares herself, her knowledge and her simplicity. I found this to be one of her most inspirational classes. I am so happy I took the plunge and bought this class. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be truly inspired on so many levels. Thank you for this Meg! It will forever change the way I see and capture the magic in the details.”


“I am so inspired to capture the details around me. I LOVED this so much! What I love about everything you offer is how easy and accessible it is-amazing! I spend entirely too much time on the computer not making magic-I can be photographing my details! I see them everywhere now!”