The Magic in the Details – At Home

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Join me in shooting the details I see every day. I will show you the process I use to bring the magical details to life.

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The Magic in the Details – At Home

Join me in 2018 and take a new look at all of the small things which surround us all every day. Take the opportunity to look inside yourself in order to see the world with new eyes. See things as you’ve never seen them, even though they haven’t changed, YOU have. Move forward with a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Stretch yourself and become not just a photographer, but an Artist. It is important to never forget that all the details make up the whole story, the story of YOU.

Mid January you will be provided with a workshop video which will show me shooting the details I see in my everyday experiences. There will be images from around the HOME, but the images will NOT be of PEOPLE. This workshop will include an editing segment.

Every month on the last day of the month, we will release a single image editing video which will include a short story about the image and I will show you the process I use to bring the detail to life.

I look forward to spending the year with you.

Everything in this offering is recorded with lifetime access.

21 Reviews for The Magic in the Details – At Home

“I adore this purchase. Something I've neglected is to no only notice things in my world, but photograph them in a meaningful way. Watching and learning from Meg is (as usual) meditative and inspiring. It's helped me to learn how to see my world more clearly, to appreciate what I keep around me, to capture it in a way that speaks to me. Zero regrets buying this and watching it repeatedly. There's always a new take-away. Thank you Meg. - Mandy Mele”


“This is what I love to shoot, I don't know why I took so long in getting it, I knew I would love it..The lightbulb came on.. and everything came together for me.and lots of AH HA moments. I love this So much. Just when I thought I'd never truly get it..There was this.. Thanks, Meg ~SusanneB”


“Great perspective in learning how to see light and shots in everyday things around the house.”


“Magic in the details. I needed this course! It was so inspirational and helped me to slow down and capture the details. Especially in my home. There is so much about raising my family in this little house that I never want to forget. From start to finish, this was everything I needed!”


“Really loved this... Eye opener for sure and I am already photographing details I love around my house... <3”


“This is an amazing eye opening, learning experience! There is so much more out there to photograph that I never realized. One of my best purchases so far but have loved all the videos.”


“Awesome workshop if you are stuck on always taking same photos and want to start thinking outside of the box and to challenge yourself”


“Thanks Meg. I love your edits and videos . I enjoy every second . Thank you so much”


“Inspired watching this. I am on Journey 2018 and didn't realize I was already finding magic in the details. This workshop guides you and inspires you to take ordinary things and turn them into art. One of my favorite purchases.”


“This video captured my attention and drew me in from the moment I clicked play. My eyes have been opened to see the detail lying around my very own home. Meg, your start to finish editing is genius! Thank you for everything you have done in your life that has you right here right now teaching us in such a profound way.”


“Love it!”


“Love, love, love this workshop! I fell in love with all my things at home over again after I watched it. I helped me open up my eyes and see the beauty in all the little things around me. Thank you, Meg!”


“In love with this! If you are looking for inspiration and a reason to keep your camera out or with you this and Those Tiny Details are MUST HAVES! I have always loved details and color but get so busy "working" as a photographer or using the weather as an excuse not to go shoot thatI forget to see the light and the pretty things all around me indoors. Thank you!”


“I love the edits! Simple but powerful! Can't wait for next one!?”


“Loved it! Your always amazing.”


“Very inspirational! I found so many things in my house after to photograph that were meaningful to me. I love that the edits are included as well so you can see how the vision all comes together.”


“I e-mailed Melody yesterday and she said the recording was slightly delayed which caused the release to also be delayed. They are working on getting it out as soon as possible.”


“Can’t wait to watch!”

— KAY C.

“Great expectations!!!!”


“I'd like to know as well.... very excited!”


“When will it be available? so excited to watch ! :-)”