The Lifestyle Sessions

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Join me for a Lifestyle Session at my client’s home. We’ll capture those little treasured moments which are unique to their family.

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The Lifestyle Sessions

Day in, day out, life goes on and we’re all trying to hold on to our precious memories. Join me for a Lifestyle Session at my client’s home, where I’ll capture their memories and those little treasured moments which are unique to their family. Watch as I turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, and feature those aspects of Home and Family which bring huge meaning to life. Learn how to shoot thoughtful, evocative images which will bring magic to the everyday occurences of family life.

Watch me interact with each member of the family including 2 girls, a newborn and the parents. See how I use the space and utilize creative angles, while keeping them comfortable and fully at home. Learn how to work with indoor, natural light to produced warm, polished images. Let me lead you into this Lifestyle Session and provide you with the tools that you need to conduct Lifestyle sessions of your own. Whether you are shooting someone else’s family or your own, this course will help you take control of the situation and get the shots that will be treasured forever.

23 Reviews for The Lifestyle Sessions

“I took away so much from this Lifestyle session, from practising the session itself to your edits. Thank you!”




“I love lifestyle (and documentary) types of photography. This course helped to boost my confidence in shooting at home and also helped me create my own workflow. Thank you!”


“With every workshop I am watching, I just cannot believe how much content, creativity and inspiration Meg and her team manage to put in it! I love that all these videos are done in real life time watching Meg doing her magic, but also other fellow photographers asking the questions I myself have so many times. I have learned a ton and cannot wait to shoot my next lifestyle session. Incredible workshop, magical photographs and so much fun being a fly on the wall during Meg's session!!! Loved every second of it <3”


“I purchased this so I could learn how to take better photos of my family at home with using only natural light. This video exceeded my expectations. I feel more comfortable using the available light in the house, and creating intimate moments int he space available. My house isn't flooded with natural light and it's rather small but I feel confident that I can use the available window light in my home to create some lovely moments in my house. The fishbowl shot was amazing and made me smile, I could just imagine being there in the moment. I laughed so hard at the girls playing in the bathtub. They were just so happy and Meg captured that moment perfectly.”


“Amazing, this course has a lot of handy information and includes 3 awesome editing videos. I cannot ask for more, thank you so much Meg!”


“I took away so much from this workshop that can be applied to not only a client's lifestyle shot, but also the daily grind at home with my kids. Meg's use of angles, working with what you have, and posing techniques were perfect. Thank you Meg!!”


“Amazing!!!!! I felt so inspired by this workshop to do a LifeStyle Session of my own family and others.. Thank You!!!”


“I love finding the light and capturing families in their true selves. Finding beauty in the blunder of daily life is the most beautiful thing a photographer can give to their clients.”


“I absolutely LOVED this LIFESTYLE SESSION. I am so afraid to break out and try this type of session but it really intrigues me. I would have loved to have seen some editing videos from each of the different locations in the home (bath, couch with family, chair with sisters and fish, newborn on bed). I feel this would have just completed the entire experience for me. It absolutely amazes me to see Meg at work.”


“This session is amazing! Even if you do not do lifestyle photography, this teaches you how to find the light, use it effectively, and really delves into posing families: individuals, mom and baby, siblings, the entire family. Meg also shows you how she connects with the children. So beautiful. This workshop is very thorough.”


“Love this course. It's my first Meg course, but I'm hooked already. Here. Take my wallet. I love how they use everything in the home to make the experience unique. Watching Meg is a Master Class of photography.”


“This is my favorite purchase so far. I’m so passionate about lifestyle photography and this really opened my eyes to so many possibilities. I’ve never really done posed lifestyle before but now I’m going to change up my game. Thank you Meg ❤️”


“I am doing a Family call right this minute! i Need to Practice this .Thank you Meg! have to work on going SLOW”


“I can't wait to do my next lifestyle session! Thanks Meg and team for always stepping up your game, and in turn stepping up mine!”


“I purchased Lifestyle Sessions mainly for two reasons: my style tends to be airy, hazy and the preview catched my attention with those pastel colors and thought it would be interesting for me. The second reason was to improve my vision on what lifestyle photography involves. After watching this I learned to play with the objects around the house, angles and above all, not being afraid on removing/moving objects that distracts or gives power to the story. In resume, shoot until I got what I visioned. Must say that the family and the house are gorgeous. Can't wait to play with my family and then with my customers. You are one of the best educators in this market. Congratulations for all you are doing!”


“More than I aspected! I watch many course from meg and sometimes I think ok I don’t need anymore and the she surprise me with something new an I learn so much more. I am very happy that I purchased it”


“Gah! Just loved everything about this session! So many great take aways and I can't wait to put what I've learned to use. So so happy I got this one!”


“Of course this is 5 stars. So amazing, filled with so much information. I can't wait to put it to use with my newborn lifestyle shoot! Thanks Meg, you're amazing!!!”


“I loved this. Such attention to detail and creativity to get such gorgeous shots. And i like that you took the time to get natural "lifestyle" shots but they were still beautiful well thought out shots. I feel much more comfortable with the idea of going into a family's home after watching this.”


“This course was amazing.<3”




“This is awesome!!! When I saw that this session was going to be done I said I need it and I need it now :) I learn a lot in this LyfeStyle Session. The most important thing I learn here is that we need to be patience in all situations if we want to capture the feelings and the story in one image! Thank you Meg!”