The Journey Edits

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Each week will feature a new image shot and edited from Sarah’s own personal Journey.

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The Journey Edits

In Journey 2018, we set out to define our bodies of work. To explore our edges, and to push those boundaries further. The Journey Edits is my weekly addition to this course to incorporate new editing tools and vision into your own images as I share my workflow and techniques from start to finish. Each week will feature a new image shot and edited from my own personal Journey.

Some lifestyle, some city, some portraiture, and some nature photography and landscapes. This is my own editing workflow — heavily inspired from what I’ve learned from Meg. And it will evolve over the year as we all continue to share and talk about our journey together. One editing video a week. 52 week’s in 2018. Join me for an Editing Journey.

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11 Reviews for The Journey Edits

“These were fun, but I was disappointed that there were not more people portraits and lifestyle images.”


“Wonderful edits and great value. I have watched so many of Meg's edits and loved all of them, but Sarah has her own twists and techniques, so her edits really complement Meg's. The edits are varied and I love that they are no long so when I have 10 minutes to spare, I can watch an edit.”


“This was one of my first investments. And there hasn’t been a day I regret getting it. I try to be very thrifty when buying online courses. Mainly because I have fell for those people who sell very expensive courses and do not meet the expectations. That being said, Sarah’s images are very “ordinary.” You can try to take a similar one any time. Then you can perform the edits she does. You can turn images that look ‘Meh’ into ‘Wow! That’s beautiful!” This course is a steal! It’s worth every single penny. I have told Sarah how many times I love her edits and it’s true. I’ve learned SO SO much from her and Meg. Learning to edit her way VS Meg is not very different though. The difference would be that Sarah adds one color and Meg adds another color. But other than that, the methods are the same. Those differences help you understand more about editing and WHAT exactly you want to achieve. In the end you will develop your own “photographer eye” and your own style. Thanks Sarah, Meg and team for this great course!! I can’t wait for the next edits ❤️ What you get is a bunch of edits and you get to see her edit. My suggestion is that you perform the same edit on a similar photo and keep doing it for some time. After that”


“Sarah - you are wonderful and I love your edits! I keep going back and watching some of them again. There are so many great ones to choose from. I am so happy that I purchased this and you are now part of my journey! thank you so much!!”


“Love this. Love hearing and seeing a different voice and have got to know Sarah through journey. So worth the addition for all of the edits.”


“I am so glad I took the plunge and purchased the Journey 2018 edits. Sarah is awesome. She takes Meg's edit style and makes it her own. I purchased the edits yesterday and have already watched all that was available to date. I can't wait to watch more. Thank you Meg and Sarah for making these available.”


“I have all Meg’s edits 2017 and 2018; However Sarah has her own style and I am loving her edits!!! The FB group is great and it is another channel where we can share experiences and have questions answered by her. I can’t wait to see the next edits!!!”


“Great Instruction!! <3 Really Loving These Impactful Edits- And Talk About More Bang For the Buck!! Sarah Shows Us About Taking What We Have Learned From the Fabulous Meg Bitton, & Making it Our Own!! <3 Thank You Sarah, For Taking the Time to Provide SO MANY Awesome Edits!!! <3 :O”


“Sarah - these are excellent! You are so right, similar to Meg's style, but SO your own too! Love the decisions you make with each one. Gives it that great dreamy look! I'm so glad I purchased this! Really looking forward to what you do each week!”


“Yay! Thank you for uploading the others! I am in LOVE with these editing videos and I'm learning so much! TOTALLY worth the money for a year's worth of learning! Sarah's style is similar to Meg's and I am thoroughly enjoying this purchase. What an incredible deal!”


“Admittingly I was initially on the fence about buying Journey Edits as I have Meg's 2017 and 2018 all edit pass but after watching the first 4 edits I can say that I am so glad that I made the purchase. I LOVE Sarah's light and airy edit style. So worth the money, I have learned some new techniques. The only thing that I would like to see is what the imagine was shot at.”