The Boy Sessions

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Join me as I photograph SEVEN boys, with ages ranging from 1 to 14! You’ll see each session from start to finish!

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The Boy Sessions

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails! We all know that’s not really what little boys are made of, but sometimes they can certainly be a challenge! No twirly dresses, and sparkles. Just rough and tumble, ready to go after anything, belly laughs and sly grins, BOYS! Join me as I photograph SEVEN boys, with ages ranging from 1 to 14! You’ll see each session from start to finish. You’ll also see me edit 2 images. I will show how I polish the images, and turn them into treasures that their families will love forever.

36 Reviews for The Boy Sessions

“So much useful information on posing boys and the light. Edit is wonderful too. Couldn’t wait to purchase the next workshop. Meg is an amazing teacher.”


“As a mom of 8 (4 boys/4 girls) I find it refreshing to see Meg take boys on. This workshop is packed with useful information that I find easy to understand and put into my own toolbox. I shoot my own children a ton and my boys never sit still or pose like my girls do. My girls can't get enough and my boys find it painful no matter how fun or quick the session is. Thanks Meg!”


“Loved watching this session and what a difference it is between a 1 year old and a 14 year old!”


“Amazing workshop!”


“Amazing workshop,!”

— LIZ B.

“As a mother of two grown boys, this workshop was especially fun to watch. I have watched this workshop several times and have learned new things each time. It is so helpful to learn how simple directions can help boys find poses that are natural and fun. It also great to hear how Meg uses the light, shade and leading lines to create a wonderful composition for every image.”


“Love this and all the workshops I have purchased. There is not a lot of information on photographing boys and this nails it! What I love most about Meg's workshops is there is not a lot of filler. Other workshops are often longer but they get off topic, Meg's workshops are clean and focused ❤”


“Having four boys, it feels often that they are so much harder to pose then a girl! Sometimes i feel like a girl can just stand there and look fine. But a boy. It can be too girly, or just not have that punch. I love seeing meg work with boys, including the ever elusive teenage boy.”


“I LOVE this workshop !!! I love how she demonstrates how she approches different ages, and why she does it in this particular way. She gives a lot of tips on posing and lightning too. At first I didn't want to shoot boys, because I didn't know what to do with them. I have to say that I'm more confident now to shoot boys, instead of girls. I have so much more information in my backpack to use while shooting. Meg is such a great teacher. And even when English is not your mother tongue, it's easy to understand and follow. This workshop is really a gamechanger for me !”


“This is a great workshop! Photography is new for me, but I was able to gather so much from this video that will help me take photographs of my son.”


“Having four grandsons this is an amazing workshop as they all are but concentrating on boys first class thanks Meg ;)”

— BEV I.

“This is an incredible workshop! Lighing, composition, structure, shots it's all there. Thank you so so much”


“I love this session! I’m just starting out in the photography world and Meg’s videos are great for learning. Meg’s video inspired me to immediately go and practice what she talked about with my own child. This is definitely one you want to buy, don’t miss out on such a great opportunity.”


“Loved learning how to pose boys of different ages, but didn't expect to get so much information on composition and light too. Fantastic workshop!”


“I could seriously watch boys sessions by Meg all day long. She demystifies boys sessions and with her way to see out of the box makes mundane into beautiful images. Please do more boy videos Meg!”


“I really love this video! It was great to see how Meg poses 7 different boys ranging from 1 year to 14 years old. And the information taught can be applied to any subject in any shoot, not just boys.”


“This workshop is amazing! Seeing Meg interact with kids of all ages (baby to teen!) really helped me see where I need to work on connecting with my own subjects.”


“This workshop was a game changer for me. I have two boys and struggle with photographing them, as well as my senior boys. I took my four year old son out the day I watched this video and got some of the best shots I've ever taken of him. I'm looking forward to practicing more! This is so worth it!”


“Let me first start by saying I didn't take this class to learn how to pose boys... I felt pretty confident in that already, BUT I still learned something... especially with the older sets. My biggest take-away is the reminders that Meg provides of the little finite details to watch for... and those can be applied to any session. As usual, the editing videos are worth their weight in gold alone. I will be honest and say I haven't LOVED all the courses I have you can trust this is an truthful review,.... this class is great, and I don't think you'll be disappointed!”


“Absolutely love this workshop! Can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned the next time I photograph boys. This is probably one of my favorite workshops.”


“Probably one of my favorite workshops. So much great information about posing, lighting, and working with so many different ages. My favorite was the 14 year old. You just let him be him and I loved that!”


“I learned so many new things about working with boys and proper posing with them . Also with younger ones, Megs tips on how to get them interested and interacting are perfect!”


“I found photographing my daughters, with all the frills and bling, was always more enticing. I had 3 boys and just no clue how to capture them in a way that drew me in as much as all the girly fluff. This workshop taught me just that! It opened my eyes to all the styling, posing, and communication I needed to start dreaming up and executing sessions of my little guys. I finally have portraits of them that I love! One of my favorite investments in Meg’s education.”


“As someone who got to be there as we filmed to watching the results im blown away. Meg has done it again! She is truly the best teacher and I have learned so much about how to work with boys of all ages. I used to fear boys as they were harder for me to work with and now there prob one of my favs, Thank you Meg. So much great info in this video!”


“Thank you Meg for this workshop! I have 2 boys (1&4) I’ve now successfully been able to get great photos of. The edits were great too!”


“I have four amazing nephews and this workshop is going to help me tremendously. Thanks Meg! Awesome as always!”


“what a wonderful workshop! Meg makes it look easy, and indeed, with her techniques it's much easier that I was trying to make it with my own workflow. I learned soooo much! Now I just have to find a boy to work with and practice!”


“This is my favorite class. Not only do you get to see her work with the entire age range of boys in a variety of settings but I think it is more specific about the light and posing than any of the other courses. She says at the start basically that those big pretty dresses can keep you from focusing on the little details but with boys you don't have those gigantic dresses taking center stage so you have to nail down the pose and lighting. I also really enjoyed how each session was age appropriate and made sense for each age group, she didn't just use the same spot for each one.”


“This workshop was brilliant. The amount of knowledge given is priceless. So much I will take on board and I look forward to photographing more boys after watching this. Thank you, Meg.”

— LEA H.

“Amazing tips to watch! It was so awesome she different age groups so you have an idea how to work with boys of different ages ! So worth the buy!”


“Very fun to watch Meg shoot! She pointed out great tips and things to look for.”


“I can't..... This is great..... Not only did I enjoy watching this. Now I am purchasing a session for one of my sons with Meg. Please God, can June 2018 come any sooner ...?”

— .

“I love this workshop ! It's so perfect and organic. You always explain it all so well and make it look so simple ! Thanks Meg!”


“Fascinating. Just amazing how quickly and efficiently these were done. I've been waiting a month for this and it was definitely worth it!!”


“Its perfect and so worth watching! Boy can be challenging !”


“This workshop is so great! I was so excited to see this and it was worth the wait.”