The Art of Blending Mini Fundametals

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The Art of Blending Mini Fundametals

Previously included in Foundations of the Art of Blending, NOW available separately!

Included with purchase is the  instructional video Jessica taught with in her foundations class! Learn the fundamentals you will need to take your blending in composites skills and knowledge to the next level!

2 Reviews for The Art of Blending Mini Fundametals

“This is of the very best tutorials in the entire Meg Bitton educational library, in my humble opinion. Jessica addresses things in it that I have never considered or learned about before - such as how (a) shooting angles, (b) light, (c) contrast, (d) shadows, and (d) other factors affect the blendability of a subject into a digital background image. I learned the importance of planning ahead to photograph my subjects in a way that will make them more blendable for the backdrop I want to place them in. I had not realized, before watching this video, the number and types of factors that I need to keep in mind when planning to photograph a subject for dropping into a backdrop later in Photoshop. Jessica explains things so well in this tutorial, and gives visual examples of what she is talking about. She also covers sizing and scaling subjects in a realistic way, and uses examples of blending with different Meg Bitton backgrounds. I am so glad I found this class, and I hope that Jessica will do more tutorials like this in the future!!”


“Jessica explains each step in-depth. It is exciting to watch her create, and then use her knowledge to try to create my own Fine Art pieces. I enjoyed this video very much!”