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The Actions Edit

Maruschke Barnard joins us as a Guest Instructor! Maruschke creates beautiful work, and in this video she teaches how to use Photoshop tools to craft a work of art!

Fine tune your editing skills with the techniques Maruschke teaches in this video!

This tutorial includes the EIGHT actions Maruschke works with in her tutorial! (All in the Details, Clean Color, Clean Glow, Deep Matte, Painterly, Skin Smooth, Vignette and Warm Blue Skin)

4 Reviews for The Actions Edit

“wauw, what an incredible tutorial and what a great actions, I would love to learn more on how you create them!”


“Outstanding! I love this so much, im partially deaf so i really appreciate the subtitles too, however, marushke's voice is very easy to understand, and so soft, i could listen all night! the included actions are out of this world, just brilliant, perfection, thankyou so much xxx”


“Beautiful edit! Awesome tutorial! AND Maruschke thank you SO much for including the incredible actions you've created!!! Your soft voice, your editing style, your teaching style and how you deliver your editing techniques makes it easier to follow along! Due to your incredible actions, (which you included) this tutorial is less than thirty minutes!!! I'll most definitely purchase more of your editing tutorials!! Thank you again! And last but not least, thanks to you as well Meg for adding Marushke to your AMAZING team!!!”


“Wonderful tutorial ... so many actions to play with! Definitely worth it... Dankie Maruschke”