Simple Studio: Styling Girls


In this special edition workshop, Meg and stylist Tara Abramson team up to bring you Styling Girls.

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Simple Studio: Styling Girls

In this special edition workshop, Meg and stylist Tara Abramson team up to bring you Styling Girls.

Styling doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. We show you how to emulate various fashion styles across price points. Yes, you can “Get the Look” and achieve gorgeous styling that’s attainable and extremely cost-efficient.

We cover the core principles to styling as it relates to girls, but also show you how these styling fundaments can carry over across various subjects such as families, boys, and teens.

During this course, learn how to emulate the styling from four core looks: European Baby-Doll, Tutu du Monde (designer ready-to-wear), Meg’s signature style Fantasy Princess/Custom Couture and RTW Couture. With all four of these looks, there are a million ways to emulate the styling. When it comes to high fashion RTW Couture, Tara shows how you can get “the feel of the look” vs. copying the designer’s look, without spending a lot of money.

You will see side-by-side styling comparisons (at different price points) with our three models: Charlotte (toddler), Adriana (age 6), and Samantha (age 11). With these side-by-side looks, we take you from Inspiration to Emulation – all shot with the same lighting and backdrop. It’s incredible to see how you can get the same $1K-$5K look at a fraction of the price (some under $100). There are no limits to creativity!

As you build your styling wardrobe and accessories kit, and when you look at current fashion trends and color palettes, find what works for you and build a collection of core pieces to accessorize across various styles. Plus, in our Q&A session, we give tips on how to accessorize on a budget, shopping sites/thrift stores, color stories, inspiration, and styling fundamentals. There are no rules.

With styling, learn how to create your own signature look, while staying true to your vision. Yes, you can create absolutely gorgeous stylized images on any budget and create magic in your photography.

Come get inspired!!

2 Reviews for Simple Studio: Styling Girls

“LOVED the guidance and inspiration offered in this video. I'm often stuck when I see an outfit I like, but know is not within my budget. Gave me the tools to create inspired looks based on higher end items out of my budget.”


“This was the best! Thank you, I'm not very good at styling, I don't know what goes, what's trendy, what's timeless, I loved the last one with the skirt and feather cape. Jaw dropping.”