Studio Rockstars: Three Lights

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Let’s ROCK your Simple Studio light setup! Add some more lights and open up a world of possibilities right before your eyes.

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Studio Rockstars: Three Lights

Shooting in the studio doesn’t ALWAYS have to be so simple! Sometimes you want to add a few more lights and a little more glitz and glam to your subject. Join me as I show you how to take my basic Simple Studio light setup,  add some additional lights and reflectors, and open up a world of possibilities right before your eyes. Learn how to use use my simple techniques and lighting patterns in a more sophisticated way, adding and manipulating light in order to get the best possible results. Once you learn to apply these versatile techniques, you will stand out from the crowd. Come along with me and before you know it, YOU will be a Studio Rockstar too!

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6 Reviews for Studio Rockstars: Three Lights

“I loved all of the tips and suggestions. I am so glad I bought this one!”


“I LOVED this one. It is really packed full of ideas and tips. It was particularly good for watching how Meg communicates tweaks to poses to a variety of ages, boys and girls, experienced models and inexperienced. I felt that I understood how she was thinking a pose through and the small changes made an incredible difference.”


“This is worth every penny! If you are teeter tottering on whether to get it! Just get it”


“Loved This!! <3 Meg Really Gets Down in Her Interaction & Directing Kids of Different Ages! Loved the Flow of Each of the 12 Shoots!! The Different Backdrops are Gorgeous & Really Provided a Solid Base For Each Models "Look"- Very Inspiring & I Always Love Megs Tips & Suggestions- This Video is Loaded With Ideas!! <3 Thanks Again For the Inspiration!! :)”


“So happy I bought it!!! It rocks indeed !!! And Meg you look fantastic!!! So much great Info, since I was waiting for a 3 light studio so long, now I have it and is loaded with great stuff!!! Go get it!”


“Thanks so much for the discount on one of your backgrounds at Baby Dream Backdrops... bought one and will try to get a couple more before the 15th. Would love to have them all!!!”